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Once they find their favourite cannabis strain, many growers tend to stick to their genetics in the following cycle. Instead of getting new seeds, it is possible to take cuttings from the "mother plant", thus getting young plants that inherit both the growing pattern and effect of the previous generation.

A range of accessories can make this process easier and more effective. Cuttings are extremely sensitive, even more so than seedlings - thus they require special care. One useful thing is a propagator, in which cuttings are kept in higher humidity, exceeding 80%, that is beneficial for their rooting, though would be difficult to achieve in a bigger grow area, as well as dangerous for mature plants. Heating mats fulfill the same aim - creating even more tropical environment, allowing cuttings to go through the stressful period seamlessly.

Rooting enzymes make the process much quicker and drastically increase the adoption rate. Those come either in the form of powder, that you dip the cutting in, as well as fluids that you add to the plant during its first week.