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Nutrients - organic (Nutrients)

Though cannabis is a beautiful plant and cultivating it a worthwhile hobby, most (if not all) growers tend to enjoy consuming their product - dried flowers, marijuana. As with fruits and vegetables (people to, as a matter of fact), specific contents of marijuana depends on what your cannabis plants were fed with. Heavy fertilization, especially without flushing during the last week of flowering, might affect the crop not only in terms of quantity (bigger), but also quality and taste (considerably worse).

While it is still possible to produce a 100% healthy, safe and tasty buds using mineral fertilizers, many growers prefer to stick to the organic nutrients. As marijuana enjoys a quasi religious status among some connoisseurs, it is also important for them to grow their plants using only natural, organic products.

Just as man made fertilizers, organic ones provide the plant with nutrients (N, P, K), beneficial bacteria, vitamins and natural supplements that enhance both the quantity and quality of marijuana.

Using organic nutrients extra care is required if using automatic irrigation systems or hydroponics. Small particles of organic matter can sometimes clog the hoses - adding cleansing fluid will do the trick.