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Nutrients - mineral (Nutrients)

Modern mineral nutrients for professional cannabis cultivation are a state of the art achievement of decades of scientific work. Far from being produced from just about anything that contains nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK - the three major nutritional elements), as it happens with cheap, mass produced agriculture fertilizers, they consist of carefully selected, dedicated ingredients that boost your plant without causing any harm to the smoker.

Most fertilizers specialized for cannabis cultivation are available separately for grow (vegetative) and flowering (bloom) period. This is caused by entirely different needs the plants has in these two stages of its life. While the basic feed is NPK in appropriate proportions, the art of feeding the plants begins with supplements: micro elements, bacteria, enzymes, vitamins, boosters...

An advanced grower might use a few dozen different fertilizers and supplements, in order to achieve his desired effect - both in terms of the plant growth and final crop. Using them require a great bit of knowledge and ability to read the plants signals.

One important additive not to be forgotten, especially if using high doses of mineral fertilizers, is a sort of a flush, that is added to pure water in the fin