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Nutrients - clones (Nutrients)

Apart from the basic nutritional needs, cannabis clones have specific requirements, that have to be met. Cutting part of a mature plant and transplanting it to soil is a very stressful situation for the plant. One has to take extra care to make sure that the cutting will develop roots and adapt to the new environment.

In order to facilitate this process, make adaptation easier and improve the success rate, dedicated supplements are available. These come in various forms, ranging from rooting powders, through gels to simple fluids. They all aim to stimulate the baby plant to grow strong roots and increase its ability to draw nutrients from the ground.

Since healthy root system is a starting point to strong plants and in effect decent marijuana crop, it is important to take care of the clones from day one. Stimulated root system will develop more healthy, thick branches, that will guarantee a proper flow of nutrients in the adult plant.