Zamnesia At The Spannabis 2014 - Update [Video]

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Zamnesia At The Spannabis 2014 - Update [Video]

Our stand is long packed but our hearts are still in Spain - it’s been a marvelous time in sunny Barcelona. Check out our video to see what we’ve been up to.

Every year, Barcelona has the honor of hosting one of the largest international cannabis fairs. This year, more than 30’000 people flocked to the fair to see the latest innovations in the cannabis world: new strains, smoke tools, foods, grow equipment and of course most importantly, many sparsely dressed girls.

This year was the first time we participated at the Spannabis, but certainly not the last time - we absolutely had a blast. First of all, it was just amazing to meet so many of our loyal and loving customers face to face; and we have to say, we were blown away with the response we got! We can’t thank everyone enough who came down to see us and support us. It was amazingly good fun and a real pleasure to meet you!

Also for the first time we brought to life our mascot Zami: spurred by the tribal drum, Zami danced and danced and danced, as if possessed by spirits… and maybe he really was! For all those who couldn’t make it this year, we put together a video of Zami’s Spannabis adventures: