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How Kola Nuts Can Improve Your Health

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Because its health perks are no secret, people often use kola nuts as an all-natural therapeutic remedy. From boosting immunity to promoting weight loss, here's a look at the many health benefits that kola nuts have to offer.

Sodas may not be the best thing for you. But believe it or not, there's a little something found in many upscale drinks that can actually be beneficial to your health. Whether you're looking to boost your metabolism or soothe migraines, the kola nut can do wonders for both the body and mind.

Not to be confused with the likes of an almond or cashew, this seed comes from the cola nut plant. Not only does it contain a generous amount of caffeine, ranging from 1.5-2%, it also accommodates the compound acquired from cacao seeds known as theobromine. As a result of combining theobromine and caffeine, some claim to experience a modest sense of euphoria, especially after chewing the nuts.

To point out an interesting fact about the kola nut, it was what gave the very first cola recipe its caffeine kick, along with real coca leaves. You won't find this rewarding fruit of the kola tree in today's cola products, but you can find it in plenty of energy bars. And because its health perks are no secret, people often use the kola nut as an all-natural therapeutic remedy.

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How And Why To Consume Kola Nuts

Aside from chewing it, folks frequently consume the kola nut in powder form. You can throw some into your coffee for an extra dose of caffeine. Or, add a little to your tea. Some even take capsules that contain the powdered kola nut. But since the nut as a whole holds a larger dose of caffeine than when it's broken down into powder, it's best to ingest right away when choosing to go that route. Or, you could preserve it as a tincture. From boosting immunity to aiding digestion, here's a look at the many health benefits that kola nuts have to offer.


Kola Nuts: Energises The Body And Mind, Stimulates The Nervous System

In addition to caffeine, kola nuts also contain hefty amounts of starch and glucose, both of which produce lots of energy. And since the combination of caffeine and theobromine thrive off this energy, consumers will experience a brief feeling of euphoria. The blend also promotes more oxygen to the brain. So for those that are in a constant battle with congestion, your focus will not only improve, but your congestive symptoms will also be relieved.

Moving on to the nervous system, you'd be amazed what one tablespoon of kola nut powder inside a cup of black coffee can do. This lovely combo can vitalise and reduce nervous and muscular tension. It's also said to have the ability to combat exhaustion. But do beware. Using kola nut to treat chronic fatigue does put you at risk for seizures and psychosis. Always consult with your doctor before using them to stimulate your nervous system.

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Kola Nuts: Aids Digestion, Boosts Metabolism, And Promotes Weight Loss

No one likes an upset stomach. Did you know that kola nuts can help with digestion? It's true; people in Africa have relied on it for hundreds of years. Along with improving digestion, the ingredients found in kola nuts also amplify nutrient uptake. Not to mention, they reduce bowel problems, cramping, bloating, and other dreadful gastrointestinal difficulties.

Thanks to kola nuts and their caffeine content, they can provide quite the metabolic boost. For this reason, those with present heart conditions may want to steer clear. But for individuals looking to speed up their slow metabolisms, kola nuts are a great go-to.

Possibly due to their ability to kick up your metabolism, kola nut extracts might just help burn off unwanted body fat. So if you're trying to shed some pounds or just want to put yourself on a proper diet, kola nuts are certainly worth a shot.


While the nuts alone aren't exactly known to benefit the immune system, the roots, stems, and leaves of the kola tree produce their own magic when it comes to fighting off bacterial infections. From bronchitis to tuberculosis, using kola e

Kola Nuts: Heightens Immunity, Prevents Infections

xtracts, which are available at most health food shops, can help keep respiratory illnesses at bay.

According to the May 2004 edition of the journal Phytotherapy Research, kola nut extracts can also inhibit the production of bacteria responsible for causing diseases like meningitis and tuberculosis. However, no studies have yet to confirm this information, so do seek medical advice before treating infections in such a manner.


Kola Nuts: Relieves Migraines And A Possible Treatment For Impotence

Migraines are a pain, am I right? Caffeine, along with theobromine, makes for an excellent cerebral vasodilator. Again, both caffeine and theobromine are found inside kola nuts. Not only do the two together expand cerebral blood vessels, they also increase blood flow to the head. So, sufferers, you may have just discovered the ultimate migraine aid. Don't knock it until you try it.

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Last, but certainly not least, kola nuts are believed to treat male impotence successfully. After chewing on them, an increase of blood circulation occurs within the genital region, causing arteries to soften and the functions of the genitals to return to their normal state.


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