Weed Waffles: For When The Munchies Attack
1 min

Weed Waffles: For When The Munchies Attack

1 min
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Waffles have always held a special place in our hearts. So it only made sense for us to figure a way out of including cannabis in their making.

We have all been there, mid-high you find a gnawing growing in your stomach, and the thought of any kind of food fills your mind with delight. What do you do? Eat more weed of course! Or, should we say, make some sumptuous, succulent, and sweet weed-infused Belgian waffles. The great thing about them? Not only do they taste amazing, but they are also super easy to make - even when high.

Note: This recipe requires cannabutter. If you don't have any, you can learn how to make some here.


70g of white sugar

2 eggs, yolk and whites separated

2¾ cups of self-rising flour

2 cups of warm full-fat milk

½ cup of cup of cannabis butter

1 ½ cup of tsp. of vanilla extract

1 tsp. of salt


1. In a large mixing bowl, combine the cannabutter, sugar and egg yolks into an even and consistent mix.

2. Add in the vanilla extract, then alternately mix in the flour and milk, bit by bit, until a smooth consistency is reached.

3. In a separate bowl, whisk the egg whites until they begin to foam up. You want to whisk them until you are able to form soft but stable peaks with the whisk. Doing this by hand can require a lot of effort, so use an electronic alternative if possible.

4. Fold the whisked egg whites into the other mix to create your final waffle batter. Allow it to settle and sit for 40 minutes before use.

5. Start preheating your waffle iron, spraying it with a non-stick cooking grease.

6. Using a ladle, pour some waffle mix onto the iron. You want to cook them until they are golden brown.

7. Enjoy with your topping of choice. Chocolate sauce and vanilla ice-cream work wonders.

There you go! You are now ready to enjoy your very own cannabis-infused Belgian waffles. The potency of them will depend on your butter, allowing the high induced to be quite versatile. As the batter takes needs 40 minutes to settle, it is a good idea to prepare it prior to starting a session, ready for the iron. If they are an initial way to get high, it is not as much of a concern. And as always, remember that cannabis-infused edibles can take anywhere between 45-90 minutes to take effect, so enjoy responsibly.



Written by: Josh
Writer, psychonaut and cannabis aficionado, Josh is Zamnesia’s in-house expert. He spends his days nestled out in the countryside, delving into the hidden depths of all things psychoactive in nature.

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