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Does Holding Your Hit Get You Higher?

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Some tokers will hold their breath after inhaling, up until the point that they turn a different colour, in hopes of maximising the effectiveness of the weed. But how useful is this, and is there a time span that is best to hold your hit? Zamnesia discusses this, and their favourite strain picks to further maximise your hit's potential.

We have all heard the term "Puff puff pass", which seems straightforward enough; Pass after you have had your puffs! But the question remains, how long to hold your puff for maximum effect? What is the best length of time to hold the smoke after you have inhaled it? Should you hold it in until you turn purple, quickly exhale, or find a happy medium? Lots of people have their own techniques, if not theories. But on a scientific level we wonder... is there are a rule of thumb that new tokers can keep in mind?

What Happens When You Smoke?

What Happens When You Smoke?

Let’s start with the basics. You have just inhaled a huge snoutful of smoke either from a bong, pipe or joint. It has now gone straight to your lungs. Your lungs expand. The air sacs in the lungs absorb both the oxygen and the active compounds such as THC. This is how cannabis gets into your bloodstream. It is also how you get high via smoked inhalation. But how long should you hold that hit? And does holding it in longer make you higher?

A Longer Hit, A Longer High?

According to scientists, your lungs absorb all the THC they can in the first three seconds. That is all you need. Holding your breath longer is just depositing more of the things you don’t want in your lungs, plus it may cause you to look a bit silly. The bottom line? Put the joint or bong to your lips. Take a long, slow inhale. Hold the hit for about three seconds. Then slowly exhale. That's all you need to keep in mind.

The Best Strains To Make Those Three Seconds Count

We know now that 3 seconds is best when you are waiting to exhale. However, if maximizing your hit's effect is a priority, a great place to start would be your choice of strain. Here are Zamnesia's favourites - high in THC - to ensure that those three seconds get you the most bang for your buck!

Royal Gorilla By Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Gorilla - Royal Queen Seeds

When Gorilla Glue was first created, this highly potent hybrid was originally only available in the United States. With it testing as high as 27%, there was no way it would stay in one location for long. Royal Gorilla is Royal Queen Seeds version of this banger and offers excitement comparable to that of Gorilla Glue brings. With gluey resin and a relaxing couch lock, Royal Gorilla can assist in reducing stress, pain and insomnia. This smoke’s bliss and calming effects have people scrambling to add Royal Gorilla to their daily routine.

Ghost Train Haze 1 By Rare Dankness

Ghost Train Haze 1 Rare Dankness

Living up to the classic sativa effects of the Haze lineage, Ghost Train Haze 1 reaches an intense THC level of 25%. This beautiful plant has been named by High Times as one of the “Strongest Strains on Earth”. With her sticky buds and intense aroma, Ghost Train Haze 1 will knock one to the ground with just a whiff of her citrusy and earthy bouquet. The euphoria and creativity of this strain bring lighthearted joy to every smoke sesh. This potent strain is for the sativa lovers who are looking for a strong cerebral high.

Bruce Banner By Dark Horse Genetics

Bruce Banner - Dark House Genetics

Push smoking to a whole new level with the ever-popular Bruce Banner. The potency of this strain is nothing to be angry at. Quite the opposite: testing at nearly 30% THC, this sativa-dominant hybrid smashes the brain with uplifting energy to get everything checked off the list, then lulls the body into calm relaxation for a restful night's sleep. Balancing one's life is one of this bud’s signature qualities, as this plant can help decrease stress as anxiety.

Atomic By Bomb Seeds

Atomic - Bomb Seeds

This strain is blowing up the scene with its renowned lineage of ChemDawg, crossed with a fantastic Kush from the Emerald Triangle. The penetrating smells and flavours mingle citrus, fuel and berry to intoxicate the brain. Brighten the day with exploding creativity and happiness. Atomic can keep one going throughout the day with ease. All the while, in hybrid fashion, Atomic breaks down the resistance to sleep and gently takes away tension and pain.

Remo Chemo By Dinafem

Remo Chemo Dinafem

With dark purple hues, Remo Chemo is indica dominance at its finest. At 65% indica and 35% sativa, this plant tests at 24% THC. Because of her Bubba Kush lineage, the room fills with deep earthy aromas and hints of diesel and pepper. This plant was originally bred to assist in alleviating the side effects of chemotherapy for cancer patients. Remo Chemo increases the appetite and helps reduce pain from the body. This strain is quickly becoming a THC lovers go to smoke.

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Written by: Marguerite Arnold
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