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OmniMind, The Nootropic To Enhance Mental Performance

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OmniMind is a novel nootropic company set to become the standard in the industry. These smart drugs are designed to make you smarter, without acting as a stimulant.


A nootropic is a type of drug classified as a cognitive enhancer. Some people refer to them as “smart drugs”. They are primarily designed to be used by healthy individuals to boost the prefrontal cortex. Indeed, they are intended to make you smarter.

Our brains are wonderfully complex machines that perform a series of functions - vision, hearing, memory, spatial-temporal reasoning, and many others. Right behind our foreheads, we have a specific region called the prefrontal cortex.

The prefrontal cortex is the area of the brain that most separates us from other animals. It is in this region where we produce our most complex thoughts and processes. These are called “executive functions.” Examples include planning for future events, morality and ethics, higher grade mathematical and geometrical acuity, and existential philosophical questioning.

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These compounds are designed to enhance memory and learning ability, boost protective mechanisms against harmful agents, and improve the electrical impulses of neurons - essentially “tweak the engine” for better performance. What is great about them is that they do all of this without being a stimulant or toxic.

Nootropics can boost verbal fluidity, which is a blessing for public speakers or those who struggle at social gatherings - they reduce tension and boost confidence. 

Some nootropic compounds may be found in pre-workout boosters. It is widely known to gym enthusiasts that these quick-acting boosters help not only on a physical level, but mentally as well.



OmniMind is a Dutch company that is set to become the gold standard in the nootropic field. They firmly believe their formulations are unmatched. The brainchild of the company is CEO Koen, who started experimenting with supplements in college. He soon found support from industry experts in his pursuit of the best formula.

Koen is a typical overachiever who takes fitness and wellbeing as a lifestyle choice very seriously. After feeling the nefarious after-effects of ritalin during his formative years, he began searching for alternatives. Having worked as an account manager with top natural supplement manufacturers for a few years, he proceeded to start experimenting and formulating his own mix.

After several months of intensive research backed by top industry leaders, OmniMind was born to deliver a state-of-the-art solution for optimal performance.

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Formula OmniMind

One of the key points about OmniMind is that they consider their formulation “open-source.” On their website, you can find a full run-down of the plant-based ingredients they use, as well as detailed explanations of their individual functions.

For example, bacopa monnieri - the main ingredient in OmniMind - also know as thyme-leafed gratiola or Indian pennywort, is a key player in long-term memory and is even able to regenerate brain tissue.

Rhodiola rosea extract - also called golden root or arctic root - improves mood.

L-tyrosine: Also found in fitness supplements, is an overall mental booster, improving cognitive function.

L-theanine: An amino-acid found in green tea leaves.Increases focus and attention, improves concentration.

Caffeine: A well-known stimulant that occurs naturally in leaves, fruits, and seeds. Also part of many fitness formulations. It is very well-known for encouraging alertness and vigilance. When taken in conjunction with L-theanine, it will not cause the jittery side-effects usually associated with caffeine. Also, the effects will last longer. It has been proven that this combination improves motor skill reaction time, faster numeric working memory, and improved sentence verification accuracy.

DMAE Bitartrate: This is a compound found in fatty, rich fish like sardines and anchovies. It is also naturally occurring in our brains. It has a direct influence on our perceived mental energy levels, as well as a positive effect on memory and learning.

To top it off, we can also find a vitamin complex, including B3, B5, B12, coenzyme NADH (derivate from B3), and BioPerine. Modern processed foods are known to lack these fundamentally important nutrients.


Does OmniMind Really Work And Is It Safe?

These are not exotic or novel molecules that we have no research on - far from it.
All of OmniMind’s ingredients come from natural sources and are verified by the EU as being completely safe. The “secret” here, so to speak, is in how to formulate a mix that will produce maximum effects.

Could you imagine consuming at least 3kg of sardines or anchovies per week, just to hit that percentage of DMAE bitartrate needed to achieve extra memory and learning potential?

Nootropics are not a promise for super-human abilities. It is a supplement designed to take a normal functioning human to the next level, not to fix an underlying problem. Nor is it designed to be a substitute for eating nutrient-rich foods.

OmniMind is recommended for those living a healthy lifestyle. You may not be getting an absolutely balanced diet, or maybe you could add a little more exercise into your daily routine. OmniMind will be particularly effective during times where you are pushing your brain a little further - be it studying for exams, working on a particularly complex project, or in other stressful times.

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Taken regularly as indicated, you will soon start feeling the effects, subtle as they may be at first. They will add up to more insight and productivity, eloquence, and social confidence. In just 1 to 2 days, you will start feeling some positive change, such as improved mood, more drive, and increased focus.

Soon, you will be among other high achievers, students, entrepreneurs, and athletes who have discovered that adding a nootropic mix to their diet gives them an extra edge.

Luke Sumpter
Luke Sumpter
With a BSc (Hons) degree in Clinical Health Sciences and a passion for growing plants, Luke Sumpter has worked as a professional journalist and writer at the intersection of cannabis and science for the past 7 years.
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