Kanye West Confuses Weed For His Wife, Throws Tantrum
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Kanye West Confuses Weed For His Wife, Throws Tantrum

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Weed is something that brings people together, or at least, it normally does. It was recently the cause of one of the biggest Twitter celebrity breakdowns ever seen.

Rivalry in the world of rap is nothing new. Throughout the generations, rappers have faced off against each other and made their beef known to the world. One of the more modern rivalries is between Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa – a rapper who holds his love for cannabis as a core value of his life. He loves it so much that he has his own line of rolling papers and even his own cannabis strain – Khalifa Kush. It is this Kush that landed Khalifa in hot water with Kanye West, and the resulting Twitter breakdown has already become the stuff of legend.


So what happened? The two were having an argument about the name of Kanye’s upcoming album when Khalifa told him he should, “Hit this kk and become yourself.” Khalifa meant Khalifa Kush, but unfortunately, Kanye thought it meant Kim Kardashian, his wife. He proceeded to go into a meltdown of nuclear proportion, dragging his ex-girlfriend into the argument – the mother of Khalifa’s child. Although it sounds like a high school drama, the depths he sinks to are both shocking and funny.

Here are a few of Kanye’s now deleted tweets, as well as Khalifa’s response.

Kanye West's Twitter breakdown

Part of Kanye's long and detailed breakdown


Khalifa's response

Khalifa's Response


Upon realising just how much of a fool he had made of himself, Kanye tweeted:

“I’m happy that I now know that KK means weed… please excuse the confusion… now back to #WAVES”

As you can probably imagine, a lot of people are pretty unhappy with Kanye, and he is undergoing a severe backlash for his misogynistic comments.


Khalifa is a pretty popular within the world of cannabis, so it probably isn’t a surprise to hear he has his own strain of cannabis. However, getting it here in Europe is harder than you may think. To begin with it was a strain exclusively grown for his personal use. With the rolling out of legalisation in the US, and the growing acceptance of weed in general, he now sells it in a chain of California-based dispensaries. Getting the actual seeds, so far, hasn’t been a possibility. Those who have tried it describe it as being an OG Kush in both effect and flavour, with a few subtle differences. So, if you ever find yourself in sunny California, maybe stop off and try a bit of the magic that started this epic failure for yourself!



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