How To Make Hash Butter
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How To Make Hash Butter At Home

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Cannabutter is a versatile edible that can infuse all manner of dishes with THC. Hash butter, however, takes us to another level—learn how to make the most delicious, smoothest cannabutter using hash with our guide below.

Homemade cannabis edibles are a novel way to get creative in the kitchen, and to get high! Generally, people make cannabutter or canna-oil with raw cannabis flower. But you can get even better results by using hash or kief.

In this article, we’ll show you an extremely simple recipe for making your own personal hash butter at home.

Why use hash or kief in butter?

Why Use Hash Or Kief In Butter?

To be clear: you can always make cannabutter with raw plant material, and if you’re just using up the leftovers from a harvest, this can be a great way to make use of what otherwise would go to waste. But if you want to make truly delicious, high-quality cannabutter, there might be a better option. Using hash or kief to make cannabutter has several advantages over using bud and trim. These include:

  • Gram for gram, hash/kief is much more potent than raw plant material
  • The mixture doesn't need to be strained after infusion
  • The flavour of the hash butter is warmer, spicier, and less grassy than that made with bud or trim
  • It's quicker and easier to make

Of course, if you’ve already got bud, or bud is the only thing you can source, then hash butter is not going to be quicker and easier to make (although you could make your own kief). But if hash is readily available and you fancy making something a little more special, then hash butter is a rewarding choice.

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How to make your own hash butter

Making hash butter follows almost exactly the same infusion process as cannabutter—the steps are almost identical. Below, we will outline a simple and easy method for making hash butter at home.

But first things first: do you need to decarb your hash or kief? Though hash is processed (to varying degrees), it is not heat-activated—it still contains THCA rather than THC. So yes, it needs to be decarboxylated in order to make the THC bioavailable.

To decarb hash, kief, or cannabis flower, break it up and put it in the oven at 110ºC for 40 minutes—then it will be ready and potent for use.

Note: The following recipe uses regular butter, but if you’re vegan or just don’t want to use butter, coconut oil is a good alternative. You can use the exact same measurements and process as listed below. Easy!


  • 100 grams butter (or coconut oil)
  • 500ml water
  • 1–5 grams dry, decarbed hash (depending on the potency of the hash and your desired potency of the butter)


  • Measuring scale
  • Medium-sized pot
  • Wooden spoon or whisk
  • Heat-proof airtight container with lid
  • Paper towels
  • Sieve or strainer


  1. Pour 500ml of water into a pot and place this on the stove. Heat it up.
    Pour 500ml Of Water Into A Pot
  2. Meanwhile, break up your hash onto the paper towel.
    Break Up Your Hash Onto The Paper Towel
  3. Once the water is simmering (not boiling), put all the butter directly into it. Stir the mixture until the butter has fully melted.
    Stir The Mixture Until The Butter Has Fully Melted
  4. Now, add the hash to the mixture and stir.
    Add The Hash To The Mixture And Stir
  5. Let it simmer all together for 1–4 hours. The longer you let it simmer, the stronger/more potent the final product will be. If the water begins to get low, you can always add more to stop it from drying up—you don’t want the butter to burn! You can also place a lid on the pot to slow the evaporation of water.
    Let It Simmer All Together For 1–4 Hours
  6. Now, once the simmering time is over, pour the mixture into a heat-proof container and place the lid onto it. Unlike cannabutter, there’s no need to strain the mixture at this stage. Yay!
    Pour The Mixture Into A Heat-proof Container
  7. Place the container in the fridge for at least a few hours—overnight is better. During this time, the butter will solidify and separate from the water.
    Place The Container In The Fridge For At Least A Few Hours
  8. Once the separation is complete, spoon out all of the solidified butter. Or, alternatively, strain the mixture through a sieve, letting the water run off and catching the butter. You can discard the water.
    Letting The Water Run Off And Catching The Butter
  9. Dry the container and pat the butter dry with a paper towel. Don't let the cold butter warm up, or it may start to melt. You can now use it, or store it for up to two months in the fridge.
    Dry The Container And Pat The Butter Dry With A Paper Towel

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How to dose hash butter

How To Dose Hash Butter

Though potency can differ dramatically, you can assume your hash has between 300mg and 800mg of THC per gram. So, it can be very potent! Where on this spectrum your hash falls depends on its quality and the specific type of hash. At the higher end of this spectrum is high-quality hash such as bubble hash; at the low end is kief and the sort of hash you’d buy on the street. So if you don’t know the strength of your hash, make a rough judgement accordingly.

Here’s an example of how to dose hash butter:

  • Work out roughly how many milligrams of THC you have in your hash. Let’s say here we have 500mg of THC in one gram of hash.
  • Then, if you divide this by 100 (as we used 100 grams of butter), you get 5 (500/100). This means you have 5mg of THC per gram of hash butter. 10–15mg of THC is considered a moderate dose. So, 2–3 grams of hash butter will probably achieve most people's desired results.
  • If adding hash butter to recipes, then you’ll know how much THC is in the whole mix, for example in 25 cookies you bake. For instance, if you add 50 grams of hash butter, then you have 250mg of THC in the mix.
  • You then know that (presuming you mix the butter in evenly) if you divide the final edible mix into 25 portions (1 cookie each in our example), each portion will contain roughly 10mg of THC.

This is all a rough guide. You can’t accurately guess how much THC is in your hash, and it will never be truly evenly spread throughout a mixture. However, using these steps should help you have some idea about how to dose hash butter.

Once you consume your first dose of hash butter, wait at least an hour before taking more. Eating cannabis is not like inhaling it, and it can take a long while for your body to absorb the THC in edibles as it's processed differently if you eat it—so be patient! Taking too much can put you in a bad place for quite some hours, so make sure to exercise restraint—for your own good!

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Putting your hash butter to good use

Putting Your Hash Butter To Good Use

Hash butter can be eaten raw, spread on a cracker, or added to a whole range of different cannabis edibles such as canna-cookies, brownies, or pretty much any meal you can add butter to—which gives you a whole lot of options to play with!

Just remember that hash butter is quite potent, so you should always try small amounts and wait a while before going back for seconds. You don’t want to be taken by surprise, or have to endure hours of an overwhelming high! And if you’re wondering how long hash butter keeps, it can last up to two months in the fridge, or you can freeze it and use it whenever you'd like.

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