How CBD Counteracts The Anxiety Caused By THC
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How CBD Counteracts The Anxiety Caused By THC

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Why does cannabis cause anxiety? How to battle cannabis induced anxiety? Is there a way to smoke without anxiety? We provide you the answers to all those questions.


Weed can cause anxiety. We all know it, we have at least seen it. I have been anxious from weed just a few times and in hindsight, I can just laugh at the whole situation. On the other hand, I have seen friends get restless every time they smoke, they get social anxiety and repeatedly leave the room, or get anxious about everyday things that usually don’t bother them.

Read along to learn why people get anxious when using weed, and how to stop it.


Even the most outspoken cannabis proponents can’t argue that cannabis use can sometimes have adverse effects. Anxiety and paranoia are common experiences when indulging yourself with weed. It seems the culprit for those conditions has been identified: it is the somewhat infamous THC. Nature sure has a taste for irony as the mind-altering properties of THC are exactly why so many crave a good high.

It is no secret that cannabis strains with high THC levels have always been praised and respected by true cannabis connoisseurs, and enjoyed by plenty of stoners, myself included.



THC and Anxiety

So how exactly to approach this problem? If I were a man of faith - which I am not - I would pray for this sadistic creation to be somehow undone. Fortunately, someone must have prayed well before me because the answer is right here - it was always here.


Scientific studies have shown that CBD counteracts the potential anxiety-inducing effects of THC. It also appears to counteract the other psychoactive effects of THC. Those that are more desirable by the casual recreational user. This is great news for all those that must use medical marijuana, which is often high in CBD, but where does it leave the recreational stoner?

To the recreational stoner, THC induced anxiety might be a non-existing issue. In case you enjoy a good weed-fueled laugh with friends - or a solo session, no judgement whatsoever - but are still prone to anxiety, you should probably experiment with CBD.


While some may laugh at the title of this paragraph as an oxymoron, I assure you it was certainly not meant to be one.

CBD-rich strains are gaining popularity fast. The previously THC obsessed market has turned its attention to this other cannabinoid. There are no studies or guidelines on which CBD to THC ratios are the best for anxiety prone individuals, so finding a strain that suits you personally might be a trial and error process.

For those that just can’t forgo their favourite strain, CBD products might be a good alternative. CBD consumables, like CBD oil, have high CBD to THC ratios and provide the fastest relief from anxiety.


Organic CBD Oil

It is important to note that the aforementioned CBD studies did not study the standalone anxiolytic properties of CBD but the way it counteracts THC. For all those that suffer from THC unrelated anxiety there is no guarantee that CBD products will help you, but then again, what is the harm in trying?


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