Magical Hot Chocolate With Mushrooms
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How To Make Magical Hot Chocolate With Mushrooms

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Chocolate and shrooms? You know it's a good mix! The psychoactive compounds in cacao have long been known to match in a heavenly way with those in magic mushrooms. Our recipe extends this idea to all types of mushrooms—combine your favourite ones with cocoa and harness the potential benefits of both while enjoying a delicious magical hot chocolate.

Combining cacao with magic mushrooms is a tradition that has been practised for centuries by the Aztecs in Mexico. Both cacao and shrooms contain psychoactive compounds, the synergizing effects of which make the longevity of this tradition hardly surprising. Nowadays, this is often referred to as the “Aztec combo”. Read on to find out how to blend the benefits of mushrooms with those of a rich hot chocolate.

Which mushrooms can be used to make hot chocolate?

Which Mushrooms Can Be Used To Make Hot Chocolate?

When it comes to selecting the right kind of mushrooms for your hot chocolate, the choice is all yours! This magical hot drink is a versatile one. You can use nearly any type of mushrooms to infuse hot chocolate with, as long as they are edible. All you have to do is dry them thoroughly, then simply follow the steps in the recipe below.

As would seem natural, mushrooms with potentially beneficial properties are most commonly used. Among them are, for example, reishi, lion's mane, or chaga mushrooms. And of course, you can go all the way and use psilocybin mushrooms for an extra magical hot chocolate.

While the traditional Aztec combo is all about the synergizing effects of cacao and psilocybin mushrooms specifically, the psychoactive compounds in cacao (anandamide and phenylethylamine) will do their magic if you combine them with other kinds of mushrooms too.

A note on magic mushrooms and heat

If you opt for magic mushrooms, note that psilocybin, the main psychoactive compound in shrooms, breaks down when it’s exposed to temperatures above a certain level. Normally, anything below 70°C is considered safe. Some people like to keep the temperature even lower to reduce the risk of degrading the potency of mushrooms.

It can be useful or even necessary to use a thermometer and keep an eye on the temperature when handling Psilocybe mushrooms. In the case of making hot chocolate, keeping it at a temperature that's comfortable for drinking will suffice.

How to make hot chocolate with mushrooms

How to make hot chocolate with mushrooms

So, let’s get hot and magical. The following recipe can be used with any kind of mushrooms. On the cocoa side, we highly recommend sourcing a high-quality version. Processed cacao has usually undergone various treatments that may make the end product better-tasting and increase its shelf-life, but they also remove (most of) the psychoactive compounds of the magical bean.

If you choose magic mushrooms, keep in mind that in sufficient amounts cacao is a mild MAOI. Be aware that as such, it may slow down the onset of your trip and increase the effects of psilocybin. Don’t combine cacao with another MAOI as this could create a highly unpleasant experience.


  • Thoroughly dried mushrooms
  • 700g sugar
  • 250g cocoa
  • 15g salt



How to make hot chocolate with mushrooms : directions

  1. Cut your mushrooms of choice into small pieces. Using a coffee or herb grinder for this will make this job easier. However, if you don’t have one at hand, you can use a sharp knife as well.

  2. Combine all dry ingredients in a mixing bowl. Stir the mix thoroughly to ensure an even spread.

  3. Store the mix in an airtight container and take out a portion whenever you’re craving a magical hot chocolate.

  4. To prepare the drink, heat up 240ml of milk (per serving) in a sauce pan or microwave. Again, if you’re using magic mushrooms, make sure the temperature doesn’t exceed 70°C. Then stir in roughly 10g (2 tablespoons) of your mix and enjoy!

If you fancy, add delicious extras to your magical hot chocolate. Get the marshmallows out, whip some cream, add sprinkles—you name it.

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Can you make hot chocolate with magic truffles?

Absolutely! If you’d prefer using magic truffles for your psychedelic hot chocolate, our recipe works for that too. That is, if your truffles are 100% dried. Also, magic truffles and magic mushrooms contain the same active compound, so make sure to pay attention to temperature and consider our advice regarding MAOIs. Other than that, you’re good to go!

Make this magic your own

How to make hot chocolate with mushrooms: Make this magic your own

As you can see, making your own magical hot chocolate with your mushrooms of choice is quite straightforward. With our recipe, you’ll have enough mix to enjoy the yummy drink during winter months and you can share it with friends too. Get creative with toppings and extras and you will be able to create a different experience each time.

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