Funny And Informative Video: The Alcohol Vs Acid Challenge

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Funny And Informative Video: The Alcohol Vs Acid Challenge

We all know that acid is much better than alcohol, and YouTuber PsychedSubstance has made a video showing us why.

The fact that alcohol is legal within society, when many safer hallucinogens are not, is the height of hypocrisy – courtesy of our governments. It is something many within mainstream society are beginning to realise, especially as more and more research finds positive applications for the use of substances like LSD, while finding little, if any, drawbacks to their use.

One YouTuber in particular, known as PsychedSubstance, has made it his mission to break down the walls of the stigma surrounding these substances. In doing so he is helping spread a better understanding of what these drugs do to the body, how they compare, and what the mind is capable of.

You can check out one of his more interesting videos below, which compares the powers of LSD to those of Alcohol, with real and funny filmed demonstrations. PsychedSubstance also a catalogue of other similar videos that are all worth checking out. It is through the spread of knowledge that the taboos around hallucinogens can be torn down.