Cannabis Candy: How To Make Marijuana Gummy Bears

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Cannabis Candy: How To Make Marijuana Gummy Bears

Cooking with cannabis is a fun experience. You can create treats that not only taste good, but induce that oh so special buzz. The following is a recipe for cannabis gummy bears – an all-time sweet favourite.



- Hash or cannabis oil – 1 gram is standard, but this can be adjusted to preference

Large box of jelly cubes – 1 box of any flavour

Unflavoured gelatine - 6 sachets

Cold water – ½ a cup

Small jelly/candy moulds

A jug with a spout


1. Mix all of the jelly cubes, sachets of gelatine and water in a small saucepan.

2. Continue to mix the ingredients until it reaches a dough like consistency - it should start out quite runny, but will soon stiffen up.

3. Place the saucepan on medium heat, and continue to stir until the mixture melts back into a liquid consistency and no longer feels grainy.

4. Add in your ground hash or cannabis oil and mix vigorously.

5. Once the cannabis is mixed in properly, pour the mixture into your jug, this will make the next step much easier.

6. Pour the mixture into your candy moulds.

7. Place the moulds in a freezer for 15-20 minutes, this will set the cannabis gummy bears ready for removal from the moulds.

8. Take the moulds out of the freezer, if they are not set, leave them a little longer.

9. Carefully peel the cannabis candy out of the moulds.

There you have it, you now have cannabis laced gummy bears, ready for your discreet enjoyment! Whilst you can use any flavour jelly, we tend to prefer lime here, as it complements the cannabis well, as well as maintain a green theme. Feel free to experiment with cannabis dosage to find the right amount for you.

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