Big Vaporizer Give-Away To Celebrate 20k Facebook likes!
1 min

Big Vaporizer Give-Away To Celebrate 20K Facebook Likes!

1 min
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Our Facebook page has just passed the 20’000 likes mark! To celebrate this milestone, we are giving away 25 (!) vaporizers for free!

Yeeesss, 20’000 likes! What a milestone! We want to take a moment here to thank you all for your loyalty and trust! Striving to offer the highest quality mind-altering products to you is an adventurous ride - and we love every second of it. When it comes to tripping, we know only the best does it. That’s why we are on a mission to offer only most elevating magic truffles, the most vital cannabis seeds, the purest legal highs, and the freshest and most potent herbs.

Besides our incurable passion for all things that get you high, knowing how much you are enjoying our products is what keeps us going strong. That’s why we always love to hear back from you, and of course we are thrilled to see more than 20’000 likes on our Facebook page. As a thank-you offer, we are now giving away 25 vaporizers! Starting today, the first 25 orders over 150 Euro we receive will automatically get a free vaporizer added to their order!

Thank you all and stay high!

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