An Unlikely Companion: The Weed Munching Deer

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An Unlikely Companion: The Weed Munching Deer

For most outdoor cannabis growers, the idea of a resident deer helping itself to your crops is one of dread, but for one medical grower in Oregon, USA, there could not be a better companion.

Whilst investigating the burgeoning cannabis culture of Applegate Valley, Oregon, USA, Oregon Public Broadcasting encountered a creature you would not expect to find roaming free within a cannabis grow site. Within the confines of a medical marijuana farm lives a deer that has fondly been named Sugar Bob.

You would think such an animal, which is known to have an insatiable appetite for greenery, would be an unwelcome guest on the farm, but Richard Davis, owner of this cannabis cultivation site describes it as quite the contrary. Although Sugar Bob may occasionally chomp on some prime bud, he spends most of her time eating fallen leaves, and hanging out in the trim room.

"When I’m down here, he either stays pretty close to me or he’ll go in the trim room and just get on the bed; he cleans up all the stuff off the floor, so he’s ready for a nap,” he told OPB. Not only does Sugar Bob help keep the place tidy, but it looks like he is a welcome companion for Richard’s aging dog. Obviously the warm, fuzzy feeling that having a deer around induces is worth the cost in bud - and the deer obviously isn’t’ complaining! You can find out more, and see it for yourself in the video below.