Zamnesia Merchandise Design Contest

Zamnesia Merch Contest 2020

At Zamnesia, we love fresh, undiscovered ideas. That’s why we started the Zamnesia Merchandise Design Contest 2020, where fans and design lovers can submit their ideas for new merchandise.

After poring over 300+ entries, the Zamnesia Jury have determined the top 5 designs. The jury primarily rated entries on originality, style, and skill.

Starting today, you can vote for your favourite of the five nominees. That's right; the winner of the Zamnesia Merchandise Design Contest will be chosen by you! The design with the highest number of votes will emerge victorious. Choose wisely; you can only vote for one design.


  1. Browse the top 5 entries.
  2. If you want to see more of the design, hover over the picture on desktop or click on it when using your mobile phone. Click anywhere outside the picture to switch to the first view again.
  3. Select your favourite design by clicking the box with the associated number.

Voting remains open until Friday, April 10th 12:00PM CET. But keep in mind, you’re only able to vote once. Once you’ve submitted your vote, your choice is final. Results will be announced on the 13th of April. Good luck!

Which design is your favourite?

    Your Design In The Top 5?

    Is your design included in the top 5? Congratulations! You are among the winners, and are allowed to lobby for votes on your design. You have probably received a personal email from us with further instructions. Would you be so kind as to reply as soon as possible?

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    Contest rules can be changed and updated without notice. Experiencing any difficulties? Please contact [email protected].

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