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Topping Cannabis

Three cannabis buds

Why top a plant?

You top a plant when you do not have enough height in your grow space or you want more than one main (crown) bud.

(Take note: topping is best done only in the growth phase, although some do it a week or even two into bloom, so if the plant is allowed into bloom and then turns out that space is limited, it can still be topped)

Advantages of topping

The advantage of topping is that your plant grows wider and not higher, but topping is mostly done because the underlying buds then get more sunlight (better light penetration to the bud), so there’s more weight since as we know, light = weight.

So topping is done when:

  • there’s not enough height
  • to get two or more crown buds on your plant (depending how often you top.
  • better light absorption by the underlying buds (so bigger, fatter buds)

How do you top a plant?

Topping involves nipping out the top-most grow shoot (and not side branches).

Before topping:                                    After topping:

Topping cannabis

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