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Pruning Cannabis

Why prune a cannabis plant?

Pruning is not really necessary but is frequently done because it results in lovely upright plants.  If you don’t do it then you end up with highly branched plants that grow all mixed up with each other which can be detrimental to the air circulation. An important and substantial aspect of the job is breaking up the pruning; to obtain straight and regular plants it is necessary to space out the pruning of the axillary shoots.

Pruna cannabis

For genuine cannabis enthusiasts pruning is not really necessary. For them there is no striving for thick, large flowers. This is in contrast to professional growers, who aim for as many kilos of cannabis per m² as possible.

Read more about pruning cannabis here.

Pruned cannabis plant

The advantages of pruning

The plant will now ensure that the higher up buds are much stronger and also that the plant’s buds will be bigger and thicker.

These buds will now have access to 1/3 more energy from the plant, energy that would have been expended on the lower buds.

So pruning is for:

  • better yields
  • nicer buds

How do you prune a plant?

If you do in fact want to achieve bigger buds via pruning, this how to go about it:

Step 1: Look in the axils where the new shoots are situated

Step 2: Take the side-shoot to be pruned between thumb and index finger and fold or tear it to the left or right.

Take note: don’t use a knife otherwise you risk carrying disease from plant to plant. You can use this leaf cutter:

Leaf cutter pruning

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