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Fimming Cannabis Plants

Why fimm a plant?

If you fimm your plant instead of one main top bud she will have two, or if she had two, four or even five main (crown) buds.

(Take care: The first cut in a FIM should happen when your plant has 3-5 nodes (or sets of leaves) in total. When that FIM has been completed and the plant has recovered, you can FIM your plant again. When to do this is mostly based on plant health and your desired shape.)

Fimming vs topping

Advantages of fimming a plant?

Since your plant now gets 4 or 5 crown buds, all the buds will be able to take up light better and this will have positive results on their end weight.
(Note: fimming is an art in itself, so don’t be too disappointed if your plant ends up with a mis-growing main bud; fimming a plant is not always a success).

So fimming is done for?

  • to get more main buds
  • better yield

How do you fimm a plant?

Remove 2/3 of the fresh grow shoot, leaving a third behind. The easiest way is to nip off 2/3 of the new grow shoot with your fingers.


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