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Ventilation in the cannabis grow space

Why ventilate?

Thanks to the heat of the lamps the level of oxygen can fall. As with every living creature, our plants also need fresh air. If they’re being grown out in the open, then this is not something we have to worry about, there’s fresh air aplenty. If we switch to growing indoors, we need another way of providing this fresh air that contains both oxygen and CO2 for our plants, such as carbon burners and ventilation.

Types of ventilation:

  • Tube ventilation Is suitable for large grow spaces
  • A PC fan Is suitable for small grow spaces, though if your lamps total more than 250 Watt you will need a different solution.
  • A ventilation hood / extractor fan Is suitable for large grow spaces

Manual ventilation

With manual ventilation you can talk of a space where a couple of plants are stood where they have access to fresh air for a few hours. In order for this room to have the fresh air, all you need to do is leave a door or window open for a period of time. If you’re not certain you can always do the odour test: if you walk into the room and it smells stale or you don’t feel comfortable there it is time to refresh the air. This is essential for an eventual good harvest.

Electrical ventilation

This method of refreshing the air involves the use of an electrically powered gizmo ranging from the simple bathroom-style fan, up to industrial ventilators depending on the size of your space and number of plants.

Calculating ventilation needs

Suppose you have a space that’s 2.00 metres long, 1.00 wide and 3.00 high. You need the following calculation: L x B x H x 100 = 2.00 x 1.00 x 3.00 = 6.00 x 100 = 600 m3

That is the volume of air that you have to move with your ventilation and by doing so ensure that your plants have fresh air available to them at all times.


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