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Assassin bug and cannabis


An Assassin bug is small and flat with a long, moveable snout that can be folded up underneath its body. Its most characteristic feature is its red eyes. The most commonly found type is brown-black with light flecks on the cases of the wings. The females are about 3 mm in size and the No chemicalsmales are a little smaller.

There are many species of bug, but the one most interesting to us is the assassin bug. Assassin bugs are in turn also dividable into a great many species, the one most interesting to us being the one called Orius.

When thinking of applying Orius you have to bear in mind that the assassin bug is sensitive to various chemical plant protection agents. So for example, you should not apply Nomolt (teflubenzuron) or Admire (imidacloprid) if you don’t want to devastate your Orius population.

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