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Air tubes

So you have your air carbon filtered and blowing strong with your exhaust fan.
What next?
The "used" air needs to go somewhere.
That is where air tubes come handy.
Air tubes are basically mostly elastic kind of air ducts, that you can connect to your exhaust fan at one end, and lead it wherever it suits you most.
They come in standard exhaust fans diamaters, i.e. 100, 125, 150, 160 and 200 mm.
While using bigger air duct is possible, via suitable reduction, to be connected to a smaller fan, we don't advice to do it the other way round - you might end up with the air tube being exposed to high pressure that can cause damage.
The cheapest and most universal air tube is made of aluminium foil on a scaffold of thin wire.
Such tubes are flexible and easy to work with, while doing their job perfectly well.
Some growers, however, prefer semi flexible tubes that are more durable and resistant.
If the smell of your cannabis plants or noise is an important factor, you might also consider using silenced tubes, covered in a thin layer of mineral wool.