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Cables and plugs

One thing you will surely need to connect to the mains is a lamp. Most light sources used in indoor cannabis growing use E40 thread (significantly bigger than the standard E27 or yet smaller E14). If you are using CFL energy saving bulb, all you will need to do is to connect the thread to the cable, using all three wires. In case of HPS/MH lamps, a ballast has to be placed in between, i.e. you will need two separate cables - one connecting ballast with mains, and the other running from the ballast to the thread.

All connections have to be properly insulated in order to prevent water from getting there: electricity + water = problem. Depending on the size of your growing area, best use 3x1,5mm or 3x2,5mm connection cables. Part of the problem disappears if you use electronic ballasts, as these often come with pre-connected wiring - sort of a cannabis grower's plug&play.