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Temperature is the most straightforward and widely understood factor of ensuring the proper climate for your cannabis plants. To maximise the yield, you want to keep the temperature at anything between 24-28 degrees Celsius (75-83 Farhenheit). If it falls below 24C it might result in slower growth and weaker plants. Temperatures higher than 30C put your plants at risk of being burned - something you do not want to happen to the tops before you have them nice and dry in your pipe / bong / spliff / muffin...

Getting more into the detail, one has to make sure, that the temperature is more or less equal in the whole grow area. Since HID (HPS and MH) lamps produce quite a lot of heat, it often happens that the temperature is too high at the top and too low at the botton - resulting in both constrained growth and burned plant. One solution is using a circulation fan, that mixes the air inside the box. If you grow your plants in a small box or want to keep the lamp as close to the tops as possible in order to give them maximal amount of lights, you can think about a shielded reflector - one with glass that separates the lamp and the plants, as well as an additional ventilation of the lamp itself.

During the "night", when lamps don't work, you might get the opposite problem - the temperature might fall below 24C, especially if your plantation occupies some old shed, basement etc. An external heater or floor heating will do the job - just make sure you mix the air with a circulation fan, otherwise you will have huge differences in temperature within the box.