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Growing tables

Growing tables are a part of a kind of a simple hydroponics cultivation system. Plants in this setup are put either in pots, or directly in the growing medium (e.g. rockwool, coco) and then on the growing table itself. The table gets flooded in regular time intervals with a nutrients rich solution, that is pumped to the table from the reservoir below it. After a few minutes, when the water reaches a desired level in the growing table, the pump turns off, with the water flowing back to the reservoir.

Although pretty basic, growing tables do their job and offers a great way of running hydroponics on tight budget. What is crucial for their smooth operation is a good quality pump, filters and some overflowing protection - in case the pump for some reason doesn't switch off, you have to be sure that the water won't damage the area. The ratio between upstream and downstream has to be adjusted, so that the plants get enough time to "drink".