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During the 12 or 18 hours of light, the problem with temperature in the grow area is usually that is is too high - the HID (MH and HPS) lamps are source of lots of heat. Unless you keep your plants under 24h of light, however, you might encounter the opposite problem during the "night". Optimal temperature for THC production is 26-28 C (75-83 F), a bit above the room temperature and way higher than the usual secret spots - abandoned factories, attics, basements...

You could solve this problem in two possible ways, depending on the size of your grow area/tent. One is to set up a conventional, electric heater, combined with a circulation fan (you don't want the heat to be concentrated in one place, as this might lead to uneven growth within the box). An alternative solution would be to invest in a floor heating - a tiny tube below the surface on which you keep your plants. Since warm air is naturally going up, this will guarantee an even distribution of heat. In small boxes and greenhouses, heating mats could be used - those are especially important for cuttings and seedlings, as they are extremely sensitive to low temperature.