Lollipopping: Everything You Need to Know

Lollipopping Cannabis

Pruning and training are pretty much essential if you desire the heaviest harvest possible, without growing large numbers of cannabis plants using the SOG (sea of green) method. Lollipopping is a simple technique that growers of all levels can apply early in bloom to boost bud production. You really need to give lollipopping a try.


Lollipopping is a high yield pruning technique favoured by indoor cannabis cultivators. The philosophy of lollipopping is “less is more.” Not exactly what you would call a scientific method to boost bud production, but hey, it works. By removing the lower bud sites from a cannabis plant, all plant energy is focused on bigger, fatter buds on top. It’s time we talk you through the process step by step. No tools required, except maybe a pair of scissors. Let’s get lollipopping.


How To Lollipop Cannabis

Most marijuana growers prefer to lollipop by hand. But if you feel more comfortable using scissors, that’s fine too. For those familiar with topping or fimming cannabis plants by pinching off the tips of main stems, this will be a breeze. Instead of pinching off or snipping shoots, lollipopping is all about carefully removing lower bud sites. Make sure not to cut through the shoot, and remove the leaves too. Above all, cleanly strip away that popcorn bud site; otherwise, it may regrow in a week.

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This section is the most important part of the lollipopping process. Lollipopping must be confined and controlled for maximum yield. The lower third of the cannabis plant is the lollipopping zone. This portion receives less light and is the No.1 source of popcorn buds. Some growers will strip as far as halfway up a plant, but beyond 50% is not recommended.

Strip away lower popcorn bud sites to drive bud production into tops. Don’t get carried away and strip too high up the shoots as this will make plants look “leggy.” Secondary shoots should also be removed within the lollipopping zone (bottom 30-50%) of the cannabis plant.


When To Lollipop Cannabis

Most growers will agree that week 3 of flowering is the right time to start lollipopping. After a couple of weeks in the bloom phase, most cannabis strains will begin to display multiple bud sites along shoots. Marijuana will stretch during this phase, some strains more than others. By removing the lower bud sites early in bloom, plants will waste less time and energy developing fluffy buds.



Lollipopping is a proven technique for improving both harvest quantity and quality. Popcorn buds are B-Grade stash. By effectively applying lollipopping, the crop is all A-Grade buds and chunky colas. When combined with the ScrOG (screen of green) method, high yield and high-grade cultivation are taken to the next level. Scroggers will use lollipopping to clear away all lower growth beneath the screen to cultivate a forest of top-shelf buds above.



No pruning or training method can be applied universally to all kinds of cannabis in every grow environment. Autoflowering cannabis plants perform best when pruning and training are kept to a minimum. Cannabis with such a short life cycle and compact structure really does not require lollipopping. Most grow lamps can provide complete coverage for stocky ruderalis hybrids. In fact, lollipopping may decrease overall yields with autos.

Outdoors, the Christmas tree structure of cannabis serves it well. As the sun rises and sets, cannabis plants will receive sunlight from different angles so every part of the plant soaks up light at some stage during the day. Nature removes the problem of light penetration from a stationary source positioned above plants. Pruning shady fan leaves is often preferred to lollipopping by outdoor growers.

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