Grow Mega Buds With Potassium Silicate
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Grow Mega Buds With Potassium Silicate

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Potassium silicate has the potential to take a cannabis plant to the next level with a whole range of extremely useful benefits.

Ever given your cannabis plants potassium silicate? Potassium silicate is quickly making a name for itself as powerful optional nutrient for really pushing cannabis plants to the limits of their potential. It has been found to facilitate a boosted THC content, strengthen plant infrastructure, and improve functional efficiency.


In the plant world, it is widely agreed that there are 17 key nutrients used for the healthy growth of a plant, and silicon isn’t one of them. Or at least, it hasn’t been until very recently. Silicon is the second most abundant element in the earth’s crust, and as a result, is found in the tissue of pretty much all vegetation out there. As such, many are now arguing that it too should be considered one of the key nutrients of plant growth.

Of course, additional silicon is not essential to healthy cannabis growth. But the revelation that it could be a beneficial nutrient has started a lot of experimentation, and it is finding very positive results.


For silicon to be absorbed by a plant, it must be in the form of a monosilicic acid – hence potassium silicate, which is the potassium salt of silicic acid. Once it is absorbed, it is transported around the plant and either deposited as silica, or hydrated silicon dioxide.

The silicon is mainly used as a building block for healthy growth, facilitating much more efficient and vigorous functioning.


By adding a bit of potassium silicate into your feeding schedule, you can reap a whole array of benefits. There are many, so let’s break them down:

Improved Cell Creation – When silicon is deposited in cell walls, it remains there permanently as a silica-cellulose framework. It results in cell walls being built faster than if the silicon was not present. As such, cannabis grows with more vigour as a whole.

Improved Cell Strength - Following on from the last point, silicon also improves the structural integrity of cannabis. It is one of the easy to observe benefits, as cannabis will grow with thicker, stronger stems and branches. This also allows for a more rapid uptake in nutrients, as larger stems can facilitate it – leading to even better growth.

Less Risk of Pests and Disease – The improved, thicker, stronger cell walls make it much harder for pests to feed on them. Not only this, the thicker skin helps keep out pathogens and disease, as well as fight off fungus. When a fungal infection hits, silicon is transported to the infection site, which then stimulates the production of an anti-fungal immune response.

Helps Prevent Metal Toxicity – when in the growing medium, potassium silicate competes for uptake with excess metals, preventing them being absorbed by the cannabis.

Regulates Uptake of Nutrients – Silicon increases the availability of nitrogen as well as other key macro and micro nutrients. It also regulates the uptake of phosphorous, which can easily reach toxic levels if left unchecked.

Enriches Bud Production – through the general and facilitating improvements of the above list, cannabis plants produce bigger, stronger, and more potent buds. Not only this, but it results in resin glands being much more resilient to damage. The result is potent bud with a longer shelf life - that keeps its potency, taste and aroma longer than normal bud would.


Fortunately, all of these benefits come at very little additional effort or cost. Silicon based plant supplements are easy to pick up online, and can be integrated into an already present feeding schedule.

If you were not aware of silicon as an additive, then we highly recommend you do not ignore its value. The integral strength it offers cannabis plants benefits and improves its functioning in nearly every possible way. The result is bigger, more potent bud – which everyone wants at the end of the day. Also, a note to hydro growers, whilst soil often contains some natural levels of silicon, hydro solutions often don’t, so it is particularly beneficial for you do hop on the bandwagon, and add a little silicon into your life.

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