5 People Who Cured Their Cancer With Cannabis
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5 People Who Cured Their Cancer With Cannabis

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Research has shown that cannabis has the potential to combat cancer. But it is not just all academic - many people are claiming to have won the fight using cannabis.

The potential curative powers of cannabis has garnered a lot of media attention over the last few years, and in no case is this truer than its potential to treat cancer. It is a touchy subject - the drug that has been demonized for decades all of a sudden cures our worst ailment? Yet more and more research is being published showing just this, and now pharmaceutical companies are jumping on the boat, starting the first ever controlled human trials.

But why wait for the results of the big studies? There certainly is no shortage of volunteer that have undergone the treatment. Everyday people are taking the power to heal into their own hands, often illegally, in order to try and save their own lives. The following are 5 recent cases of people who have claimed to have cured their own cancer with cannabis.

Mike Culter – Liver cancer

Mike Culter, a 63 year old from the UK, has managed to dispel his cancer completely using self-processed cannabis oil. Having lived with cancer since 2009, Mike was devastated after a lifesaving transplant also became infected with cancer in 2012. Determined not to be beaten, he found research suggesting cannabis can fight cancer, and set out to make his own oil.

Three days after beginning his self-treatment, Mike claims his intense chronic pain had completely disappeared. After going for a biopsy on a later date at the Royal Free Hospital, he was informed that his cancer had completely disappeared. Mike is now campaigning for drug laws to be reformed within the UK. The Royal Free Hospital has confirmed that Mike has received no further cancer treatment since his transplant.

DAVe (Anonymous) – Bowel cancer & lung cancer

In 2008 Dave was diagnosed with bowel cancer. Having gone through a multitude of highly invasive treatments, Dave was making no progress, and slowly but surely dying. Eventually, after having the cancer cut out of him, Dave thought he was cancer free, but unfortunately, tests showed it had spread to his lungs.

Fed up with constant surgery Dave started researching other treatments. He was fortunate enough to be put into contact with someone who could provide him with cannabis oil. After taking a daily doses, Dave was first informed that his tumour was shrinking, to be later told it had completely vanished.

Dennis Hill – stage 4 prostate cancer

Dennis Hill was on the edge when cannabis oil came into his life. After having being diagnosed with prostate cancer, he didn’t know what to do. Fortunately, a friend told him that cannabis has the potential to fight cancer, and after reading encouraging results from an initial human trial study, decided to go with it over traditional treatment. After 6 months of using a strong 1:1 THC:CBD cannabis oil, a biopsy confirmed that his cancer was gone. However, a cancer patient is not technically „cured“ until their cancer has been gone for 5 years, and 20 months later, Dennis was informed that it was back. Having restarted his cannabis treatment, 2 months later Dennis was given the great news that his cancer was once again in remission.

Michelle Aldrich – Stage 3 lung cancer

Michelle Aldrich is a highly distinguished figure within the cannabis community. Both she and her husband have both received the High Times lifetime achievement award for their four decades of cannabis legalization work, and both are regular smokers. Michelle noticed something was off when she found herself smoking more and more, but could not get high. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer, a disease that kills 70% of those diagnosed.

All was not lost though, using a particularly potent cannabis oil that had a THC content of 72% and a CBD content of 11%, Michelle was able to reduce the size of her tumor by 50%, from where it was surgically removed. Although this result may not be exclusively thanks to cannabis, her doctors were stunned with the results, and acknowledged the effects the cannabis oil had caused.

Lindsey Martin – Colon cancer and liver cancer

In 2012, Lindsey was diagnosed with colon cancer. It led to surgery after surgery to cut it out and try and keep her healthy. Unfortunately it was to no avail. Even though the tumor was removed, the cancer had spread to her nodes, and a hotspot had appeared on her liver. After failing chemo, Lindsey decided to take matter into her own hands. She managed to buy herself a supply of potent cannabis oil, and took it daily over a period of 46 days. To the amazement of her doctors, who had expected to perform more surgery on her, Lindsey was completely cancer free the next time she went in for a tests.

These stories are just the tip of the iceberg; the pool of people having first-hand experience with the healing powers of cannabis is growing. A good place to learn more about the topic is the Rick Simpson Facebook page:

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