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If you are seriously considering producing your own marijuana, you should start by choosing the right strain for you. Weed comes in a wide range of different varieties, all differing both in their effect and growth characteristics.

Some growers prefer their plants to produce just a single stalk with one big bud, as they do great in Sea of Green technique. Others, with Screen of Green or LST as their method of choice, value the ability to stretch and create multiple buds. Height can also be adjusted to the hardware you are going to use - if necessary, cannabis plants can be grown to mature without exceeding half a meter. For growers' convenience, most varieties can be found in feminised form, that ensures all your plants will be marijuana producing.

Another question one faces while choosing a strain is whether to go for Indica or Sativa plant. Marijuana from Indica plants tend to create a heavier, bodily stone, while Sativas drift in the direction of an energetic, creative mood. Most of the strains, however, are some sort of a mix between the two - possibly including also cannabis ruderalis. Those varieties are known as autoflowering, due to their extremely short vegetative period and total seed to crop time span of some 60-70 days. Pure Sativas need much more time to develop, with some varieties being ready for harvest after 12 weeks.