DynaVap VapCap 'M' 2021


The DynaVap VapCap "M" is a small flame-fuelled vape pen that’s very efficient and produces incredibly flavourful vapour. The 2021 model features several improvements and a new classy design.

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DynaVap - VapCap M: Ultra-Small, Super-Flavourful

The VapCap "M" by DynaVap is a small, ultra-portable vape pen that delivers top flavour and is very easy to use. This is DynaVap’s latest 2021 version from their VapCap series, which improves on the already great previous model.

Made in the USA, DynaVap vapes are getting hugely popular, and not without good reason. These pens produce an incredibly flavourful vapour that puts many other vapes on the market to shame. You can use the device to vape both herbs and resins.

DynaVap designed the VapCap M to provide vapers with a device that impresses with its quality and vaping performance—and last but not least, with its very reasonable price. The VapCap M is manufactured from 100% medical-grade stainless steel to the dimensions of the Original DynaVap VapCap.

What makes the M series stand out, among other features, is their signature temperature-indicating cap. When the vape has heated up sufficiently, the cap lets you know with a clicking sound.


Having gone through several annual iterations, no lineup of pipes or vaporizers is complete without the newest edition of the VapCap “M” by DynaVap. The 2021 update encapsulates everything you've come to know and love about the “M”, with a few welcome additions.

Lovingly crafted by the DynaVap team, the “M” is a battery-free TED (thermal extraction device) constructed from their signature medical-grade stainless steel. The result is a pipe that is easy to use and provides a flavourful hit time after time.

With its 10mm tapered mouthpiece, it has never been easier to take a pull. Plus, it can also be used in conjunction with your favourite water pipe via a simple connection. The “M” has a sleek, slightly hourglass figure that is effortless to hold and will slip into your pocket with ease.

When it comes time to enjoy your herb of choice, just load the “M” with your chosen milled strain and heat the bowl with a torch. It really is as simple as that. With its no-fuss system, the “M” is easy to unscrew and clean after each use. Now on its 5th version, the “M” by DynaVap is a hugely popular choice amongst cannabis enthusiasts.


The 2020 version of the VapCap M packs some seriously impressive improvements. The new—and somehow sleeker—design features Captive Cap functional geometry. The medical-grade stainless steel body now boasts a faceted tip and an adjust-a-bowl feature. The chamber size can be changed from full-size to half-size by simply sliding the tip up and down. This makes it easy to set up a heavy hit or a strategic microdose.

The mouthpiece end features a new 10mm taper, allowing users to snugly slot the device into any 10mm glass rig. An additional groove inside the mouthpiece allows the condenser to fit inside much more securely.

An upgraded chiral air port allows for improved air:vapor ratio adjustment and calibrated air injection. Users can adjust the amount of air they infuse with each hit, making for a lighter experience or a much fuller one.

The new grip is even more tactile than previous models. The spiral design clings to the hand and makes the VapCap M 2020 sit safely and securely. Speaking of security, the cap—or “Captive Cap”—now has its own cap! It won’t fall off when you let go, thanks to small indents on each side that help it snap into position.


Inline with DynaVap’s tradition of annual updates, 2019 brings a range of changes to the VapCap M. While you may think many of the amendments are purely cosmetic, the team at DynaVap have been hard at work fine-tuning the VapCap M’s overall design.

A new tactile profile has been etched into the body of the VapCap M that gives it a more impressive finish and improves grip. There are also more pronounced ridges closer to the tip to help identify when your fingers are creeping into the danger zone. The tip itself has also been re-worked, featuring a serpentine groove that improves airflow compared to the 2018 helix pattern. Finally, the air hole has been re-bored and the grooves surrounding it re-shaped. This is again so that the crucial parts of the VapCap M can be felt instinctively between your fingers without the need to continually look down.

Although subtle, all of the 2019 updates have been made with functionality and usability in mind. If you are still using your 2018 VapCap M, don’t panic, as the modular design means that the re-worked tips are interchangeable between models.


  • Now features a double-grooved triple helix for even better airflow
  • Now features textured grip that makes it easy to hold as the device heats up
  • Now features a larger carb hole


The VapCap M is very easy to use:

Remove the metal cap and load the VapCap with ground material or small pieces of resin. Close the cap again.

Use a lighter and apply heat to the side of the cap while rotating the device. A torch lighter works best. When you feel or hear the “click”, you are ready to vape! Enjoy your super-flavourful draws! When the VapCap has cooled, it will click again. When you’re vaping resin, make sure to remove residue after each vaping session.


  • Suitable for plant material and resin
  • Super-small and portable
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Midsection: stainless steel
  • Condenser: standard
  • Mouthpiece: stainless steel
  • Total length: 92mm

The DynaVap VapCap M comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty on defects and craftsmanship.

DynaVap VapCap 'M' 2021 data sheet
Adjustable Temperature No
Brand Dynavap
Heating Technique Hybrid
Type Portable
Vaporizer Compatibility Herbs, Resins

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Reviews (77)
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    LE vaporisateur portable !
    Je ne lâcherai mon Dynavap pour rien au monde ! Certes il peut y avoir un peu d'apprentissage (rien d'insurmontable, j'ai réussi à le prendre en main tout de suite, vient ensuite le perfectionnement de la technique), mais ça en vaut la peine. Ne vous faites pas avoir par son petit bol, le Dynavap peut vous mettre de belles claques, et au pire on peut toujours enchaîner les sessions puisqu'on n'a pas à se soucier de la batterie. C'est aussi un très bel objet facile à nettoyer. Testé et approuvé en voyage, camping, concerts, festivals !

    L. T.

    La svolta
    Ottimo vaporizzatore...la svolta è non doversi preoccupare della carica delle batterie. Consigliato

    A. P.

    Great product
    Such a nice vape ! Really smooth to use

    A. H.

    easy and clean, it works very well!

    L. F.

    It's a nice addition for everyday use when you want to take the edge of.
    Its got a small container, but you can pack it up, take 2 - 5 hits, and then load it up again if you want to get a proper high, unless you have a very high THC percentage. I just use home-grown weed that I usually like to smoke pure with a charcoal filter + very thin papers. (Yes I'm that kind of guy) but I also wanted something that doesn't take time to prepare and just use in between breaks during the day and the Dyna Vapcap is perfect for this because you don't have to worry about charging and you just keep it in the car or pocket. You can light it with any lighter, but a good butane torch is something you want. It takes about 8 seconds with a dual flame torch, about 15 seconds with a cheap single flame torch and and around 25 seconds with a BIC lighter. You will hear a first (small) click, keep holding it under the flame untill you hear a little bigger second click, then stop immediately and take a puff. Don't light up after the second click or you'll have combustion.

    T. M.

    Even wenen maar goed
    Als je er eenmaal aan gewend bent werkt het chill, maar het is echt voor micro-dosing. Als je ouderwets stoned wil worden moet je hem vaak vullen en warm maken. Gasbrander is een must.

    B. B.

    Dynavap M
    Deze vape moet je met een torch lighter opwarmen tot je een klikje hoort. Daarna kan je beginnen vapen, zeer geschikt voor mensen die van het roken overstappen. Voor de iets meer verfijnde vaporizer gebruiker heb je hier wat te weinig controle over je temperatuur. Wel tof dat je heel kleine hoeveelheden kan gebruiken met deze vape. Voor een vape collector mag deze niet ontbreken in je assortiment.

    D. C.

    Goede smaakbeleving
    Fijne vaporizer iets grotere laadruimte zou een verbetering zijn

    R. S.

    perfect for easy use
    I just light a candle, hold it over the flame and turn it slowly. After a short while it clicks and it has the right temperature. Maybe a bit expensive but feels like good quality and probably a good lifespan.

    E. K.

    Game changer
    At first few sessions I was disappointed, and I thought it is not a device for me. But I didn't want to let go so easily, so watched few videos on the internet, how to get the best out of it. And then everything changed. This is far better than smoking a joint, and I have to say that I was sure I will never transit to any other way, as I love smoking a classic rolled up splif. But no more, this gives much better results in matter of strenght, taste and overall experience. My new must have, I feel like, this is new best way to consume cannabis. And my wife is happy too that, it's way more healthy way than smoking. Big up!

    L. M.

    finalmente dopo 2 vaporizzatori con batteria ho acquistato questo e mi trovo molto meglio posso decidere io quanto scaldare e sono libera dalle batterie. Il materiale di costruzione è ottimo, resistente, piccolissimo , quindi comodo da trasportare , spedizione abbastanza veloce. Lo consiglio.

    V. G.

    Does an excellent job. Takes some time to learn how to use it effectively, but once you understand it's really good!

    D. V.

    incredible experience
    I had never used a vapper, neither dry herb, nor without a battery. The experience is incredible, much better than mixing with tobacco. I have read in some reviews that it is difficult to use. Watching a couple of videos that show it to you is enough. On Zamnesia's part, the delivery was great, and with a gift included. Great buy.

    M. M.

    Excellent vape
    Great smoking and great flavor!!

    A. K.

    Pequeño pero efectivo
    Un gran paso adelante. Estaba harto de fumar tabaco y de lidiar con el humo, las cenizas y el olor. Eso se acabó con este pequeño artilugio (apenas más largo que un dedo meñique). Construcción solida, diseño muy logrado, buenos materiales. El precio puede parecer alto pero cuando llevas unos días usándolo entiendes que no sea mñas barato. Yo lo uso mayormente para hachís (el terroso va mejor, pero el blando también sirve) y es increible lo bien que saben las caladas y lo mucho que aprovechas el material. Tarda quizás medio minuto en subir, y el efecto dura menos y es mas "limpio", pero no por ello menos intenso. Si lo cargas entero y lo calientas a fuego medio, puedes darle entre 4 y 6 vapeadas a un mismo material antes de que se agote. Cuidado con calentarlo de más, pues puede prender y entonces estarías fumando (se nota en el sabor si esto ocurre). Menos mierda en los pulmones, muy discreto, el olor se va enseguida. Tiene su propio ritual. Sin duda una de las mejores compras en mucho tiempo. Imprescindible mechero de soplete con potencia media-alta. Recomendable comprar con solución limpiadora.

    A. B.

    Sympa mais ça brûle un peu les bronches quand on en fait tous les jours, la vapeur n'ayant pas le temps de refroidir, à essayer avec un bong et son adaptateur en verre.

    A. C.

    estupendo para saborear a mi maria
    sin baterias

    E. A.

    Micro cape de voyage
    Avec ce modèle pas besoin d’électronique. On peut l’emporter partout avec soi à condition d’avoir un briquet tempête. Très facile d’utilisation et de nettoyage. Recommandé pour les balades.

    O. M.

    simple yet powerful
    Been using this product for a few weeks now and absolutely love it. I prefer the dynavap over my Crafty+ because you can microdose with good hits. Also dont like using a torch so i just use it with a candle. It takes a while to heat up that way though, so Im considering getting the conduction heater.

    R. T.

    Grâce à dynavap j ai réussi à arrêter le tabac, et ma consommation d herbes a considérablement diminué! Très bon produit, peut aussi être utiliser comme pipe…

    D. C.

    Great product
    This thing changed my smoking game forever! Had a little issue with the delivery (got lost in transit), but was instantly resolved by the amazing Zamnesia staff. 10/10 would recommend!

    W. V.

    Muy sorprendido
    Anteriormente habia probado vaporizadores "baratos" pero nunca uno sin bateria. Recomiendo ver los videos del mismo fabricante para saber usarlo. Muy sorprendido con el vapcap

    A. F.

    Goede basis om het vapen te ontdekken.
    Opzich een prima vaper om te ervaren of het vapen wel of niet jou ding kan zijn. Persoonlijk is mijn voorkeur toch uitgegaan naar één op een batterij. Namelijk de Pax 3.

    J. L.

    Buen vapeador
    Habrán mucho mejores, evidentemente, pero hace su trabajo muy bien. Fácil de limpiar, el problema que tiene es cómo saber cómo utilizarlo. Hay que darle más calor que el que se debería dar y hay que pillarle el punto. Aún así, lo recomiendo.

    C. R.

    marche très bien, bon produit

    Y. G.

    Clic Clac ça fait le taf
    Je fumais des clopes et des joints comme un porc, à chaque fois que j'ai arrêté le tabac, j'ai toujours repris à cause du bédo...J'ai fait une séance d'hypnose et j'ai acheté le Dynavap. Depuis maintenant 2 mois, je ne fume plus du tout de tabac et j'ai considérablement baissé ma conso de THC sans vraiment avoir l'impression de faire un effort surhumain. Je recommande vraiment, c'est un coup à prendre au début pour la prise en main et un vapotage efficace mais finalement assez simple d'utilisation avec un briquet tempête. Un petit clic, un petit clac, on arrete de chauffer et on vapote + ou - 3 lattes, on attends le reclic, le reclac et rebelotte 3 à 4 fois. C'est nickel pour de l'herbe, pour la résine pur, c'est pas top, mais en la mélangeant avec du CBD ou du damiana par exemple, ça marche nickel. Je ne mets pas 5 étoiles pour le prix, l'absence de notice, le prix du cap de remplacement (25 boules tout de même) et l'absence de goupillon pour le nettoyage.

    R. L.

    Excellent product
    Great quality and easy to use, very compact and handy when traveling, no need for electricity, very clever design, highly recommended!

    L. W.

    Buen vaporizador económico
    Es de muy buena calidad, es pequeño y vaporiza muy bien. Hay que tener en cuenta que se tarda un tiempo en aprender a usarlo y que necesitas un mechero tipo soplete para hacerlo funcionar, también gastas más gas que si fumas un canuto. Merece la pena como primer vaporizador, vaporizador de bajo costo o vaporizador secundario para salir de acampada con él.

    B. G.

    Mulifunktionales hochwertiges Edelstahl Bespaßungs Röhrchen :)
    Damit lässt sich perfekt Kraut und Harz verdampfen und das ganze ohne Akku oder Baterie. 100% medizinischem Edelstahl garantieren sauberen Dampf ohne ungewollte Kunststoffdämpfe da ganz einfach kein Stück Kunststoff verbaut ist! Den richtigen Gebrauch hat man dank dem klicken schnell heraus und wer mal statt Dampf wieder Rauch schmecken will, lässt einfach die Kappe weg. Das Teil soll auch in der Wasserpfeife funktionieren - das hab ich nocht nicht getestet aber versteht sich als weiteres colles feature des Pen`'s. Und sollte mal ein Dichtungsring oder Sieb kaputt gehen, hat Zamnesia die Ersatzteile günstig auf Lager. Daher von mir eine glatte Kaufempfehlung für den DYNAVAP VAPCAP 2021!

    M. D.

    Great product!
    Really easy to use, very clever industrial design. No coughing, and tastes great!

    O. S.

    Super nickel
    Juste parfait. Vapeur savoureuse, effet vraiment très cool (mieux d'après moi qu'en consommant le même produit en roulant). Par contre très important, achetez un briquet tempête, l'expérience est plutôt décevante avec un briquet classique, alors que le tempête chauffe correctement l'herbe pour faire une belle vapeur savoureuse. En tout cas pour moi une chose est sûre: je ne reviendrais au tabac pour rien au monde. Découvrez le vrai goût de votre herbe! :-)

    M. M.

    Super impressed!
    Bought this little guy as a travel vape, as I don’t feel comfortable crossing borders with my Firefly 2. Received it packed in a super low-profile flat piece of cardboard, which was super cool. I didn’t expect the DynaVap to “wow” me as I thought I’d be spoiled with the great vapor from my Firefly 2. Dare to say, I’m SUPER impressed with my new DynaVap! The herbs seem to heat even more evenly and come out beautifully brown, not black at all. Dare I say it? Here it beats my Firefly! The vapor does taste a little less rich, but it’s actually really flavorful. I’m already recommending it to my friends!

    M. V.

    Ottimo prodotto, facile da usare e molto performante. Consigliato a tutti quelli che vogliono entrare nel mondo dei VAPO.

    P. G.

    tik tak boom !
    On peut le chauffer avec n'importe quoi, c'est pratique. Un tempête c'est mieux, il noircit pas comme ça. C'est gros comme une cigarette, on le chauffe, il fait tik tak ! Pour dire qu'il est chaud. Là ya plus qu'a tirer dessus, et il refait tik tak ! quand il est froid. C'est du microdosing, je met un peu moins de 0,1 g de plante à chaque fois. On prend environ 6 taffs avec de la saveur au début, et de la vapeur aprés. Usage en extérieur validé. Pratique, discret "Welcome to battery freedom" Qu'ils ont écrit dans l'étui de rangement :)

    T. G.

    Very good product
    Only 1 star less because it has abit of a learning curve. But nothing the right youtube tutorials can't help with. Would deff recommend.

    S. M.

    Bon produits
    Très bon produit je recommande cet article et zamnezia car rapide et tarif très correcte !!!!

    R. P.

    Ottimo vap, economico, ma ideale per entrare nel mondo della vaporizzazione. Facile. Da usare, anche se richiede, col tempo, accessori che facilitano il raffreddamento etc... Consigliatissimo!

    G. P.

    J ai enfin trouvé mon graal . Il suffit juste d'un peu de temps pour maîtriser la Bête

    J. B.

    Meilleur gout
    Difficile de doser au début la chauffe , mais on s y fait vite Le goût est excellent , j ai plus de saveur qu avec mon vapo électrique fenix Il faut encore que je l adapté pour boucher l arrivée d air latérale car je préfère un tirage serré qui est à mon goût beaucoup plus savoureux

    P. A.

    What a great value!
    I used different vapers. I used bongo, nothing comes close to this dynavap, with its rich flavor and smooth vapor.. I love weed and hate tobacco, but kept mixing tobacco because pure weed was burning too fast, before I could enjoy it,. But combustion is not good for your lungs. I put half of the weed I use in a small/thin roll of joint, yet I get maximum high,, even higher than joint! so bye bye toxic tobacco fumes.. Everything before this was just waste of time and money!

    E. M.

    DynaVap VapCap M
    Gewoon simpel en eenvoudig, goed product. Makkelijk te hanteren en schoon maken. De klik is goed te horen en dat is een goed idee van de ontwikkeling van deze DynaVap VapCap. So weet je snel dat het klaar is voor een trekje en dat werkt prima zo.

    E. V.

    doet wat ie belooft!

    T. K.

    If had known earlier this little gadget existed I would have bought it a looooooooong time ago!! I'm really impressed with this vape. I own an Arizer solo but the vapor/high it produces doesn't even come close to this vaporizer. This trinket is a gamechanger for me. I had a very difficult time walking away from rolling joints, but with this vape i was able to kick my smoking habit once and for all. It looks simple but the design allows for both convection and conduction heating. i suggest you buy a proper torch lighter. (I use a 3 flame torch) In a nutshell, i'm a very happy customer!!

    J. E.

    Superb vape on the go.
    This thing is magic. All my friends love it and would love to buy one as well. It is the most economical way to consume your herb. With this device just a little bit of herb will do the trick. Also good for hash.

    M. T.

    Legitamately best vape I've had
    I've had a couple of electronic vapes (flowermate and another brand that i forgot and eventually gave away). Having tried to quit combustion for awhile, I'm now 3 weeks smoke-free. All in all this is an amazing vape. Being big on hash - one of the main reason I went for the vapcap - I immediately got some vape(hemp) wool to go with it and in all honesty flavour is just delicious and a clean and clear high to go with it. Weed obviously is great in it too. It's practical and versatile and I love the fact that its mechanical - you're never out juice, and you can literally light it with anything... Granted there is a bit of a learning curve to get the hang of it, but if you go through the tube it's well explained by other users as well as the company itself. I can't recommend this vape enough - bombproof and discrete, amazing flavour and if you're a cloud-chaser it's got you cover too. I've jumped on the dynavap bandwagon and am not looking back! My only advice to new users, RESPECT the 'click'.

    M. B.

    Happy with my purchase.

    V. Q.

    Great purchase
    Exquisitely machined and fun to use device. Friends are always impressed by it, and the vaping experience is perfect! Fully recommend!

    S. W.

    Awesome !
    That's an amazing device, really smoothy smoking session. I recommend it for those who wants to smoke herbs without any tobacco and combustion. Thanks Zamnesia !!

    M. F.

    Bien pour commencer
    Super produit, j'ai jamais vaporiser avant, C'est à la fois un modèle très abordable (voir le moins chère) et très pratique (tant qu'on à du gaz) tout en étant très résistant. Il demande de la pratique, avec le temps on s'en sort de mieux en mieux Résine, herbe sans problèmes, Permet de réduire fortement les quantités pour les effets, ça permet de réduire ses coûts de consommables tout en se faisant moins mal à la santé, juste wow. Je suis conquis !

    S. H.

    Bon produit mais marketing à revoir
    Pour the "M", rien à redire Dynavap fait ici aussi de l'excellent travail comme ils nous y ont habitué. En revanche, parler d'expédition rapide c'est autre chose, on vous dit que votre colis est expédié sans suivi ni rien et 4 jours après on vous dit "hey il vient d'etre expédié". C'est un peu frustrant et pas forcément utile, prenez le temps qu'il vous faut, c'est normal, faire un colis ça prend du temps, préparer les étiquettes etc... Mais ne mentez pas, c'est pas sérieux !!

    L. B.

    Love at first light
    I got my eye on a vaper ever since I had the pleasure of enjoying a session with an (electronic) one a while back. However, I was never convinced of the concept of depending on a battery and something with a firmware. So when I first heard of these types of vapers and saw what DynaVap was putting on the market I was intrigued. But it took some time until I came to my senses and hit that buy button. Shortly after I held this beauty in my hand and was petrified by how well made it is. Beautiful semi-polished steel that catches the eye, especially when the sun shines on it. To be honest, I expected it a bit bigger though. Reminder to think about that size-related joke you surely heard. Anyway, the VapCap M knows how to impress with less. Actually, the size is just perfect, small and stealthy, lightweight, easily fits into a pocket or a blunt tube. You still need to carry a jet-lighter tho, so that might be taken into consideration. But onto the most important thing: it tastes heavenly. After a few sessions I got the hang on it, how I get the flavour and vapor out of it just like i want it, and to fully enjoy it. I've never consumed in a tastier way. It just blows me away every time I take a hit, the aromas fill your mouth, the vape is smooth, relatively cool and just goes down smoothly. Never have I had this experience with an electronic vaper, I am just happy I got my hands on this shiny stainless steel pipe! Cleaning is easy, straight forward, there's just one ridge at the end of the chamber where loads of resin/residues accumulate. But no problemo to get that cleaned in no time. I love it, I recommend it.

    D. V.

    Bon produit pour débuter
    Package sobre, le produit à l'air pratique et indestructible entretient facile et rapide.

    G. C.

    My first. My everything.
    My first vape pen, so i have nothing to compare to. But that being said, i am over the moon with satisfaction. The design is a guarantee for good function and long life. I'm not even sure i could break it even if i tried. I vape small doses as i am sensitive to cannabis, and this device is perfect for that. At first i tried to use it with a regular gas-lighter, but it didn't work that well. Soon i bought a small gas-torch, and everything fell into place. Takes a few days of practise, but very, very easy to use after that. The draw is very tight, but i guess it is to prevent the chamber from cooling down immediately. I love it.

    O. K.

    Il vapo è quello che è, sul lato estetico ci sono parecchi miglioramenti

    L. S.

    Een echte topper
    Voor mij niks anders meer! wat een topper van een vaporizer! Als je opzoek bent naar echte "damp wolken", is dit de vaporizer!! Geen plastic smaakt, handig mee te nemen, en nooit last van een lege batterij!

    P. V.

    Great product, awesome company.
    Awesome device, really small and discrete to use. No batteries needed wich is a big plus as well. Fast delivery too!!

    W. V.

    Franchement génial !
    Un vapo sans batterie super pratique et agréable en main ( l'impression d'avoir une clope en métal) Étonnamment je préfère chauffer mon vapcap quelques secondes avant le "clic", je trouve que l'arôme des plantes est encore plus agréable étant encore plus loin de la combustion mais tout en gardant l'effet souhaité. Par contre j'ai l'impression que le cap a l'air assez fragile, il se tâche très rapidement et impossible de les enlever.

    L. M.

    top ding
    even wennen maar werkt goed.

    T. M.

    Je fume pas mal et j’ai arrêté joints et clopes pendant 1 semaine a la suite d’un sale bronchite. Voulant continuer sur cette voie j’ai acheté cet engin...et je dois dire que je ne suis pas déçu: -l’objet est magnifique (on se dit qu’on le léguera a ses petits enfants) -super gout -super économique (on consomme presque deux fois moins d’herbe qu’en la fumant), pas de cigarettes, pas de feuilles. -du fait qu’il n’y ai pas de nicotine on a pas cette grosse envie de se rouler un pétard (ce que j’appelais le roll or die ;) le matin ou en rentrant du travail etc... - on sent mieux les effets de la plante, plus longtemps. - on préserve ses poumons et on se détache du tabac Du coup les défauts : -si on fait 2 bols de suite et bah c’est dodo direct. -au delà de 2 bols dans la soirée le réveil est compliqué -trouver un bon briquet, et c’est pas si facile.

    V. M.

    J'avais la version précédente mais je l'ai offert, la version 2019 est nickel, pratique efficace, je met de tout dedans herbe, amanite tue mouche, écorce, fleur, mapacho... Le seul gros souci est de trouver un bon briquet j'ai un triple torche qui fait le taff mais il faut sans cesse le recharger et se trimballer avec une bombe de butane sur soi n'est pas des plus pratique, je pense qu'il faut un double ou triple torche pour l'utiliser par temps venteux mais avec un gros réservoir. L'autre problème est le clap du cap qu'on entend pas toujours si il y a du bruit autour mais peut être qu'avec un prochain modèle il trouverons un truc. Ca reste un super vaporisateur qu'on peut avoir partout sur soi et qui permet de vaporiser facilement, rapidement avec une bonne qualité de vapeur.

    V. A.

    Best one hitter vaporiser out there, load up a half bowl, hit it twice (the second hit is the best) and you'll be swimming around the moon.lol

    S. D.

    Easy to use and nice experience
    This is my first vaporizer and, thanks to the possibility to read other's advices, it looks like I made the good choice: nice to handle and even to look at, easy to use, and, a first for me, no bad taste in the mouth when used with herbs, that's a big plus! I still need to get more used to it, dosage, manipulation, can I re-use the same herb even once, etc but you get the idea. To me, the absence of bad taste, even when compared with a bang, is the main benefit. I use it with the Hyper light and it's perfect

    C. V.

    Say goodbye to the old ashtray
    Hey, does What it should to do. What more can I say about a product which is new and my impression is just subjective. First it's more tasteful then a joint on My perspective a more smooth and pleasant taste of the smoke. The inhaled air can be regulated through the kick hole which makes sense, because you have to take a deep breath to feel the Dynavap. All together it's worth the expense.

    C. S.

    Good vape pipe
    Once you get the hang of it, it seems to work well. You can find helpful videos on YouTube. It appears to be well-made; looks like it should last for years.

    R. P.

    Petit mais pratique
    Un vaporisateur petit mais pratique. N'hésitez pas à regarder les explications sur le net pour l'utilisation car manque une notice. Il vous faudra aussi un bon briquet puis le tour est joué ;)

    J. S.

    Great vaporizer
    I bought this one on recommendation. It’s my first vaporizer and Im happy with it! Only regret a bit that I didn’t buy the newest one as the air hole is easier to find after warming up the herbs. Further I’m really happy.

    N. S.

    Llevo un mes con el modelo M y funciona perfectamente con marihuana y hachis! Imprescindible un buen soplete!

    J. J.

    easy handling
    After breaking the glass tube vaporizer I immediately bought this one because it's easy to use. For a small hit it's sufficient, I use a normal lighter or even a candle to heat the herbs- slowly-and so I can do this 3-4 times without burning them! The design is stable and I like that there is no unnecessary chichi!

    P. T.

    Important is a multiple-flame-storm-lighter
    Nice product, but a storm-lighter with multiple flames is necessary for easy use. With a single-flame-storm-lighter it is easily possible to burn he herbs, what results in burnt taste and coughing. With a multi-flame-storm-torch the heat is spread more evenly and more quickly, so it gives better results. The guys from Dynavap recommend themselves a multiflame-lighter (checkout their Youtube-Channel). So be sure the get a good multiflame-lighter when you purchase the VapcapM, otherwise prepare yourself for inconsistent results and quite some coughing.

    P. G.

    Im in love
    After trying out different budget portable electronic vaporizers I went back to rolling joints, none of the vaporisers tried could stand daily use. I'm an stoner that likes back to back, and most electronic vaporizers died within an week. Then someone told me about the Dynavap M, this vaporizer uses an external heat source instead of the electronic heating system most use. The price is cheaper than most vaporizers I already tried, so I was an little bit sceptic at first. The DynaVap M is one of the best vaporizer I ever used, it took me a while to getting used to it. But now I'm in love with the simplicity of the Dynavap M, the ease of use and the vape it produces. I'm recommend this product for the daily stoner, it will give you an good vape and nice high for the best price. There are plenty of instructional videos on YouTube, give it an week getting used to. You'll be one happy stoner

    J. O.

    Livraison assez rapide. Produit super !
    La vapcap est parfaite elle marche très bien ! Parcontre ça m'a pris un petit moment pour comprendre le fonctionnement. Un petit livret explicatif serait très utile. Merci !

    L. L.
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DynaVap VapCap 'M' 2021
DynaVap VapCap 'M' 2021
DynaVap VapCap 'M' 2021
DynaVap VapCap 'M' 2021
DynaVap VapCap 'M' 2021
DynaVap VapCap 'M' 2021
DynaVap VapCap 'M' 2021