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The Devil Harvest Original seed bank is an Amsterdam-based company offering 5 different feminized strains. Their seeds are all top quality seeds and are easy to grow for both the beginning as well as the experienced grower.

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Kuchi (Devil Harvest Original) feminized

Devil's Harvest Seeds have just added a rather interesting hybrid into their collection. This fruity female combines UK favorite Cheese with US superstar San Fernando Valley OG Kush, resulting in a fast flowering, high yielding and remarkably potent specimen. Packing an Indica punch (courtesy of the Kush), Kuchi also harbors an array of authentic flavors and rich aromas.

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Devil's Glue (Devil Harvest Original) feminized

Devil’s Harvest Seeds proudly presents the Amsterdam High Times Cannabis Cup-winner Devil’s Glue. The hellish combo of two of the most-recognised cannabis genetics makes for some extraordinarily good weed: super-resinous, with high THC content and a good balance between indica and sativa.

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Strawberry Sour Diesel (Devil Harvest Original) feminized

Lovers of strawberry-laced strains will find themselves gushing over Strawberry Sour Diesel's decadent taste and authentic aroma. This fruity treat combines the sensational Strawberry Cough with the Original Sour Diesel in a union of juicy proportions. Flowering in as little as 9 weeks, she produces a healthy batch of super strong buds—ones that are bursting with super sweet strawberry.

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Fallen Angel (Devil Harvest Original) feminized

Fallen Angel from Devil's Harvest Seeds is a mind-blowing medicinal strain that boast fast flowering and a sumptuous yields. Easy to grow, she dazzles the senses with her pungent aroma and soothing high. Indica in nature, Fallen Angel is a beautiful specimen both to look at and to use. The ideal cannabis strain for medical usage.

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Shoreline (Devil Harvest Original) feminized

Super strong and super Skunky Shoreline is a Texan specimen with a musical past. Brandishing a very pungent aroma she develops large, hairy buds of equally potent effect. With a flowering period of 60-65 days, she is a notably speedy and vigorous plant. Being an easy to grow strain, Shoreline manages to appeal to a wide range of cannabis growers and connoisseurs alike.

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Casey Jones (Devil Harvest Original) feminized

Developed by the expert cultivators at Devil's Harvest Seeds, Casey Jones Feminized proves itself as a high yielding talent with a sensational buzz. Made up of a trio of top notch strains, she mixes Train Wreck x Sour Diesel x Thai into one amazing Indica-strong specimen; that should not be overlooked. Boasting a short flowering period of 8 weeks, she powers right through to the finish...

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Rollex OG Kush (Devil Harvest Original) feminized

Rollex OG Kush from Devil's Harvest Seeds is the winner of the Cannabis Cup 2013 in Amsterdam. It's a crossing between White Fire and Kuchu, which makes this hybrid a mostly indica strain. Expect resinous flowers and tasty buds! Unfortunately Devil's Harvest Seeds hasn't given more info about Rollex Og Kush so far; we hope to update this page asap!

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Golden Haze (Devil Harvest Original) feminized

Golden Haze has arrived, exuding classic Haze vibes with a unique touch. When two champion strains met, they decided to create a hybrid to carry on their genetics into future generations. One can bet that future generations shall thank Devil's Harvest Seeds for contributing the high-THC, sativa-dominant wonder that is Golden Haze.

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OG Reek’n (Devil Harvest Original) feminized

OG Reek'n is the offspring of dank Kush varieties. OG Reek’n feminized harnesses the potency of its indica ancestors to pursue the ultimate power. This strong strain slays all its consumers with dank cannabinoids, forcing them into a couch-lock. Toker enthusiasts and weed connoisseurs should look into this award-winning cultivar. See what makes OG Reek’n stand out among mediocre strains.

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Auto Reek’n (Devil Harvest Original) feminized

Auto Reek’n, created by the experts over at Devil's Harvest Seeds, emanates the essence of its legendary ancestors in auto format. If one's into short, THC-rich ganja plants that reek of pleasurable scents, this variety should be strongly considered. Honestly, this indica-dominant strain brings unforgettable experiences to the table, and is ready for harvest in a flash.

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