Vaporizers For Hashish
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The Best Vaporizers For Hashish, In Case You Don't Like To Smoke

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Vaporizers have taken the world by storm. Now, there are more models available than ever before. Gone are the days of vapes that can only use bud. These are Zamnesia's top vaporizers for consuming hash the smoke-free way!

There are plenty of ways to enjoy hash. In case you've never heard of it, hashish is the result of collecting and compressing the most potent resin glands that come from the cannabis plant. For the health-conscious consumer, throwing it into a pipe and firing away might not be ideal.

That's all the more reason to try vaporizing instead. Unlike smoking, vaporizing is far less harsh on the lungs. Rather than burning the chosen form of cannabis all the way through, it uses just the right amount of heat to release the active compounds. At the same time, it eliminates the production of toxins, which when inhaled, can cause significant damage to the respiratory system.



If you’re fresh on the cannabis scene, then you might not be aware of the distinction between bud—the flowers of the cannabis plant—and hash, the end product of processing these flowers in a certain way.

Bud is the simplest way to smoke cannabis, and is the form the flowers take once they have been harvested, dried, and cured. This dry plant material contains an array of cannabinoids and terpenes, and can be loaded into bongs, joints, and vapes with ease. There is a ginormous selection of cannabis flowers out there, all varying in taste, aroma, and psychoactive effects.

Hash, on the other hand, features some light processing and involves separating the resin from the surface of the buds. Small glands known as trichomes that exist on the surface of cannabis flowers produce a thick resin that houses THC and other cannabinoids. This sticky substance can be removed and amassed into hash in multiple ways. Fresh flowers can be rolled in the hands, with the resin sticking to the surface of the skin. The resin is then scraped off and eventually forms a large ball or block of hash.

Another way to obtain hash from cannabis flowers is to first dry them out and then dry-sift them using a sieve. This separates the trichomes from the flower, which are then pressed into a block. There are, of course, additional ways to make hash.

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Both hash and cannabis flowers can be smoked with relative ease in bongs, joints, and pipes. However, when it comes to vaping, some technique is required when inhaling hashish. Let’s take a look at the types of hash and which is best for vaping.



The different ways of obtaining hash, as mentioned above, yield two different consistencies of hash. Hand-rubbed hash is much stickier, more pliable, and can be rubbed and moulded into different shapes. Dry-sifted hash is much drier and more crumbly. Dry-sifted hash is recommended above hand-rubbed hash when it comes to vaping. Hand-rubbed hash is harder to process into smaller pieces, and the resinous texture may make cleaning your vape quite a difficult job. Additionally, the density of hand-rolled hash might mean that the middle of the hash won’t be heated enough to effectively vape.

Crumbly dry-sifted hash can be easily separated into smaller portions, will vape with ease, and is much easier to clean up afterwards. A lighter density means that dry-sifted hash will heat and vaporise evenly.



You can vape hash, and for all intents and purposes, many users have had great success with doing so. However (and this is an important however), not all vaporizers will take kindly to hash. Some will perform better than others, while some will need a few extra materials to stop the hash from permanently ruining the inner workings of your vaporizer.

It isn’t entirely possible to avoid this happening, but these simple guidelines will help make the experience less risky.

1. Before hitting the vape and feeling the euphoric effects of hash, you’ll need to prepare your hit. Take your block of dry-sifted hash and place it on a chopping board. Use a sharp metal knife to chop a portion into a fine powder. How much hash you use is entirely down to how high you want to get. Approximately 0.1g of chopped-up hash is enough to produce around 8 good hits from most portable vapes. This is enough to get the average smoker considerably baked. You can easily weigh this amount out using a set of high-sensitivity scales that assess milligrams.

2. The next step is to prepare your vape to handle a hit of hash. To protect your vape from residue buildup, you can place a layer of degummed hemp fibre within the vape bowl. If you don’t have access to this handy natural material, then you can sandwich your hash between two layers of dried cannabis flowers instead. However, the downside of the latter method is that your hash might not vape properly from being compressed between the bud. Therefore, degummed hemp fibre is definitely the superior option.

Vape Wool Degummed Hemp FibresVape Wool Degummed Hemp Fibres

3. This step is by far the most important when vaping hash, and is the reason for doing it in the first place. This step involves being in the moment and enjoying the high in whatever way best suits you! Hash is often very euphoric. Some smokers love to get super chill and simply melt into the couch. Others like to get outside and be active, enjoying skating, surfing, and hiking. Whatever you choose to do, know that you’ll be feeling great whilst doing it.

4. Once the fun is over, it’s time to show your vape some tender love and care by giving it a proper clean. Cleaning your vape is vital and will greatly increase its lifespan; plus, you don’t want the taste of burnt residue in your mouth during your next session. First of all, remove the used material and hemp fibre. Each model of vape will have a slightly different technique when it comes to cleaning. Consult the user manual of your model to ensure you clean it correctly and do not risk damaging the device.

In combination, these tips can help mitigate the potential damage caused by vaping hash.


There are a vast number of vaporizers out there that are fit for bud. But since hashish is far denser than flower and other forms of cannabis, choosing the right device can be a bit more challenging. Typically, the temperature for vaporization needs to be between 180-210 °C. So the more control you have over the heat, the better.

Something else to look out for when shopping for a vape is whether or not it comes with a screen in the herb chamber or bowl. When applying heat to hashish, it will cause the product to melt. By choosing a device with a screen that's not made for liquids and concentrates, the melted hash will have the freedom to enter the heating chamber. And it could also cross paths with the instrument's electrical parts.

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To start with, some vaporizers are more suitable than others. Both the DynaVap VapCap and Storm Vaporizer will be more accommodating to hash. However, as most are not designed with hash in mind, there is always an element of risk.

For those who are constantly on-the-go but still want to inhale some hash, fear not! Vape pens are the perfect option for a discreet smoke, and can be easily carried around in a pocket. If you're considering investing in a vaporizer to consume hashish the smoke-free way, we here at Zamnesia have come up with a list of high-performing devices that are suitable for the job. Not only are they all portable, but they're also super simple to operate. And they each come with their own unique features.


The Storm Vaporizer is an excellent vape pen for blazing hash, and handles both flower and resin with absolute ease. This discreet model is one of just a few vape pens that can handle both effectively. It’s highly versatile and super easy to use. Simply press the single button on the device and it’s ready to hit within one minute. The Storm Vaporizer features a ceramic chamber that is completely isolated, resulting in a pure and delicious flavour that really emphasises the terpenes present in the selected flower or extract smoked.

The pen features 5 factory-set temperature settings that range from 180–220°C. The product comes along with screens, a cleaning brush, a packing tool, and tweezers, making the vaping process that much easier.



DynaVap VapCap is another superb vape pen that can be used to vape hash on-the-go or at home. This model features a slick futuristic and chrome metal design, and can be used with both herb and hash. Made from 100% stainless steel, this pen features a double-grooved triple helix for enhanced airflow and a textured grip that makes it easy to hold. Its robust design ensures a long lifespan that will keep users satisfyingly high for a long time.

This model works quite differently from other vapes and requires a lighter to use. Simply apply a flame to the cap whilst rotating the device and take an inhale after hearing the click. One huge advantage of this vape is its small size, making it easy to carry around and vape at will.


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