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SporeMate vials are a great opportunity to delve deeper into the reproduction process of fungi or to grow your own magic mushrooms. The use of these vials is dead easy. Simply remove the transparent cap that protects the injection site, but do not tear off the aluminum. Now shake the SporeMate vial to disperse the spores before you swab the aluminum cap with alcohol and insert the syringe to draw up the spore suspension. For the best observations through a microscope we recommend a magnification of 400x - 1000x. The second alcohol swab is for growers. Use it to swab the injection site of the substrate bag.

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Mondo Vial 'Psilocybe cubensis B+'

Mondo Vial Psilocybe Cubensis B+ (be positive) - the beautiful big fruit-bodies made this magic mushroom strain so popular. Become a researcher and delve deeper into the reproduction of hallucinogenic fungi. Great for microscopic research or for breeding from spore (provided it's legal where you live) The spore vial contains 10ml of suspension. Store in a cool and dark place.


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Mondo Vial 'Psilocybe cubensis Golden Teacher'

Mondo Vial Psilocybe cubensis Golden Teacher - This Psilocybe cubensis wears a golden cap and will teach you a new point of view. At least that is where its name originates from; the origin of this strain is actually unknown, but it is very popular because of its big fruit-bodies with caps of up to 5cm diameter. Delve deeper into the reproduction process of fungi or become a breeder.


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Mondo Vial 'Psilocybe cubensis McKennaii'

Mondo Vial Psilocybe cubensis McKennaii - This potent strain has obviously been named after the famous American philosopher, writer, researcher, teacher and psychonaut Terence McKenna. And the name is well chosen because the consumption of fruit-bodies of this strain induces a very philosophical trip with medium to strong visuals. Great for microscopic research as well.


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Mondo Vial 'Panaeolus cyanescens Jamaica'

The Panaeolus cyanescens is a favorite among growers for its high potency and unique qualities. This member of the Panaeolus cyanescens family stems from the happy island of Jamaica. The fruit bodies from this strain have an intense effect when consumed.


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