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Super Strains (formerly known as Hy-Pro Seeds) is a Dutch seed company that has produced notable Haze varieties. Their Amnesia Haze is one of the strongest Hazes ever developed and has won many different awards for its outstanding quality! In addition to the incredible Amnesia Haze, they have a few other outstanding cannabis strains available for you below. Be sure to check them out!

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Amnesia (Super Strains) feminized

The original Amnesia seeds from Super Strains (formerly known as Hy-Pro Seeds). One of the best and strongest (Haze) sativa's on the market. Winner of many Cannabis Cups. Extremely strong effect and an incredible high. A must have for every cannabis connaiseur. The original Amnesia is available only as feminized seeds.

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Enemy Of The State (Super Strains) feminized

Enemy of the State by Super Strains is an old school indica that packs a strong punch. It will produce a strong stony high that will have you kicking back and watching the day roll by. She is an easy grower due to her strong genetics, making her an ideal choice for novice growers. With fast flowering times and generous yields, this is a must have for anyone wanting a strong, reliable...

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Mexican Candy (Super Strains) feminized

Mexican Candy is one of Super Strains’ favourite cannabis cultivars for breeding. The strong Mexican influence in this sativa/indica hybrid adds a pleasant floral undertone to her sweet and fruity flavour. She delights with a nice, dank smoke and a very strong but clear high.

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Eden (Super Strains) feminized

Eden by Super Strains contains almost no THC, which makes it suitable for those grappling with pain, inflammation, and other symptoms. Her 14% CBD content provides soothing relief with an effect that takes time to fully take hold. Eden will reward every grower with an impressive yield, but keep in mind that she can get really big.

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Cookies Krush (Super Strains) feminized

With Cookies Krush, Super Strains created a fantastically flavourful strain that will tickle your taste buds with the trademark Cookies flavour. This potent variety is also quite fast to grow and features a relatively high CBD content. Cookies Krush can produce a hefty supply of solid buds.

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Enemy's Dream (Super Strains) feminized

Super Strains crossed Diesel with their Enemy of the State to create Enemy's Dream. Nevertheless, it is quite a Diesel-heavy combination, which is apparent in the aroma and flavour. Because of the relatively high CBD value for a "THC strain", the high is relaxing but alert, providing symptomatic relief for medical users. Her short flowering phase is especially appealing to outdoor growers.

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Next Of Kin (Super Strains) feminized

Next of Kin by Super Strains is a high yielding sativa dominant strain that will not fail to impress. With slightly longer flowering times, this strain is for the patient grower; but the payoff for your patience is worth it as you the amount of high quality product it produces is almost unbelievable. If you are looking for a lady of finer class and breed then Next of Kin will not...

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7th Wave (Super Strains) feminized

7th Wave by Super Strains is a rare kind of indica. It is a good grower that will be suited to all levels of cultivation experience and is particularly suited to the outdoors. This strain offers reasonable growing times for a generous yield. 7th Wave produces a unique high that will tantalize and keep you coming back for more; it is different to any other out there -truly one of a kind.

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Automatic Fini (Super Strains) feminized

Super Strains crossed genetics of AK-47 with Ruderalis to create Automatic Fini. This sativa-dominant autoflowering strain will be ready for harvest in 9-10 weeks from seed. Maximum heights of up to 80-100cm can be expected, and Automatic Fini can be grown almost anywhere. The appearance of this plant resembles the classic AK-47, a sativa-dominant strain with a strong up high and heavy...

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Turing Autoflowering (Super Strains) feminized

Turing Autoflowering by Super Strains has a flowering time of 8 weeks, and will grow to average heights of 150cm. This strain was tailored to fit the needs of outdoor growers. Genetics of Turing Autoflowering originate from the Hindu Kush region in Afghanistan, making this a sturdy strain that will thrive in many different environments and tougher climates. Expect a long-lasting and strong...

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Crackers (Super Strains) feminized

Crackers is a sativa hybrid ready to be included in gardens across the world. It develops solid levels of CBD and induces exceptional highs. Growers can expect to reap significant yields from this tall variety. Discover the effects, essence, and flavours of Crackers.

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Saga (Super Strains) feminized

If you like to use cannabis during the day, Saga by Super Strains is a great strain to add to your garden. With 20% CBD and less than 1% THC, Saga does not produce a high, but instead promotes a state of focus, balance, and well-being that's perfect for a pick-me-up at any time of day. Plus, her strong sativa genes hold up perfectly indoors and outdoors, making her a pleasure to grow, too.

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Agartha (Super Strains) feminized

Looking for a stellar CBD strain to add to your tent or garden? Look no further. Agartha is a CBD powerhouse from Super Strains that produces up to 15% CBD, only 2% THC, and boasts ancient sativa genetics that are a pleasure to grow.

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Ibiza Farmers (Super Strains) feminized

Ibiza Farmers by Super Strains packs up to 21% THC in her dense, frosty indica flowers, producing uplifting, creative effects in small doses and a knockout, almost psychedelic experience in higher amounts. If you're looking for a true THC powerhouse with unique aromas and genetics derived from ancient landraces, look no further!

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Hermana de la Noche (Super Strains) feminized

From the team at Super Strains comes Hermana de la Noche. This sativa-dominant strain features a growing cycle that requires a little bit of patience and experience to manage. However, once ready, growers are treated to a bevvy of showstopping citrus buds that offer up soothing and relaxing sensations. Whether enjoyed with friends or solo, Hermana de la Noche shines for all.

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La Jefa (Super Strains) Feminized

La Jefa from Super Strains is a 50/50 sativa/indica hybrid that takes the finest points of her heritage to offer up great-tasting and powerful buds. Able to be grown in a wide variety of environments, get this "boss" in your grow-op today and enjoy the fruits of your (minimal) labour.

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