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Regular cannabis seeds are as nature intended, with both male and female present. It can offer the cannabis enthusiast a lot of versatility, as well as allow them to learn about the finer points of cannabis. The regular cannabis seed line-up here at Zamnesia includes all of the big names, include old classics like Warlock, Chronic and Jack the Ripper. For those looking for a bit of inspiration, we have put together a list of our top 10 regular cannabis seeds here at Zamnesia – updated on a regular basis to reflect what is hot right now.

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AK-47 (Serious Seeds)

This easy to grow plant is the most popular strain of Serious Seeds. It is of medium height and produces good yields quite quickly. Available as Regular as well as Feminized seeds.

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Skunk XL (Royal Queen Seeds) regular

Skunk is often used as a synonym for cannabis, and this just goes to show how popular this strain is. Skunk XL by Royal Queen Seeds is the perfect starting point for your breeding or cloning experiments. Strong genetics, large yields, and unique traits can all be infused into other varieties, thus creating your own perfect cannabis strain. Who knows, you might invent the next worldwide...

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Karel's Haze (Super Sativa Seed Club) regular

The cultivation wizard Karel Schelfhout is back. With him, he brings Karel’s Haze, one of a hand-selected series of strains by Super Sativa Seed Club (SSSC). Marvel at a plant that is easy to grow and has a flavour packed full of rich, aromatic terpenes. With a high just as rewarding as its delicious flavour, what more could you ask for from a world-class regular hybrid?

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Marula Fruit (Royal Queen Seeds) regular

Marula Fruit has complex ancestry. Half of her genetics stem from the African wilderness, and the other half come from California. It just so happens that these two strains mix perfectly. Diversity is the spice of life, after all.

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Hokkaido Japan Hemp (ACE Seeds) regular

This rare landrace strain from the northernmost island of Japan features a unique genotype distinct from European hemp varieties. She has a fast flowering time, low cannabinoid levels, and high resistance to pests.

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Afghani 1 (Sensi Seeds)

Afghani 1 by Sensi Seeds is a non-feminized, almost pure, 95% indica plant, bred from the finest selection of Afghani parent strains. With distinctive indica traits, it is a medium-sized, compact and heavy-yielding plant, with a short flowering period. It produces dense, sparkling buds filled with resin and is ready for harvest in just 7-8 weeks. A perfect strain for indica “charas” lovers.

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Jack Herer (Sensi Seeds)

Jack Herer by Sensi Seeds is an award-winning hybrid that usually comes in the form of a sativa-dominant phenotype. The top-tier genetic material contained in Jack Herer is responsible for its amazing characteristics, ensuring fast flowering and heavy yields along with an incredible smell and high-potency buds. The quality of this strain is highly valued in the cannabis community.

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Jamaican Pearl (Sensi Seeds)

Jamaican Pearl by Sensi Seeds is a sativa dominant hybrid that has its origin in the tropical Caribbean. By crossing Marley’s Colli and Early Pearl, both Jamaican sativa breeds, they managed to get a very durable hybrid that performs well in any climate. It’s a big plant with a short flowering time of 7-10 weeks, producing a substantial amount of sweet and sour tasting buds.

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Semi Auto Mix (Top Tao Seeds) regular

Top Tao's Semi-Auto seed mix combines 6 seeds from Top Tao's best-selling auto and semi-auto strains. Sow them indoors or out, and get ready to harvest spectacular bud in a matter of weeks!

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Mexican Sativa (Sensi Seeds)

You are looking at Sensi Seeds’ legendary Mexican Sativa. It combines genetics of the famous Oaxacan line, which was used to create a number of highly potent Haze varieties, with Durban Poison and a fast-flowering Indica from Pakistan. Although its genetics are greatly influenced by Sativa (70%), Mexican Sativa finishes quick, in just 50-70 days of flowering.

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