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Nootropics can be comprised of a mix of naturally occurring substances in our bodies, their precursors, or even everyday compounds like caffeine, L-theanine, or vitamin complexes. Some more advanced biohackers also add off-label pharmaceuticals for some serious performance boosting.

Zamnesia has your back. We have a growing assortment of great natural nootropics you can safely experiment with. Judge firsthand the benefits they can provide you.

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Natural Focus

Our Natural Focus blend is equipped with an array of wholesome ingredients: Panax ginseng for brain function Guarana for energy Bacopa (brahmi) for cognitive support Enriched with vitamin B6 and amino acids 100% natural

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Clear Focus (Mindscopic)

Clear Focus is a premium nootropic mental performance enhancer that consists of a nootropic stack that is scientifically designed to bring you to the next level of mental performance. The unique combination of carefully selected extracts, amino acids and vitamins enables overall improvement of your brain!

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With Brain-E you can crank up your cerebral activity to the max for hours. Take 1 or 2 capsules and 45 minutes later you will feel the desired effect. Choline, white willow bark extract, caffeine, amino acid complex (phenylacetyl, proline, glycine-ester), magnesiumstearat, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (vegetarian capsule). Content: 4 capsules

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The makers of Mindscopic present SleepWell.

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Ginkgo Biloba Extract

Ginkgo biloba is the oldest living tree on the planet, remaining unchanged for around 170 million years. The leaves of this species contain many compounds, and have been used in traditional holistic practice for millennia. Also known as the “maiden hair” tree Full of flavonoids and terpenoids Take between one and two 240mg capsules a day

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Super Sleep (Zamnesia)

Restore balance with Super Sleep from Zamnesia. Featuring an exclusive blend of golden-grade CBD, melatonin and liposomes, Super Sleep is fast-acting and easily absorbed. And, thanks to all-natural ingredients, you can take Super Sleep without worrying about unwanted side effects.

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Clear Focus Caffeine Free (Mindscopic)

For focus, memory, and motivation* Caffeine free Scientifically formulated Transparent labelling 100% natural & vegan

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MoodMaster (Mindscopic)

Brings balance in stressful situations* Helps to relax the body and mind* Uplifting Powerful formula Based on scientific research

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Vitamin D Spray (Mindscopic)

The power of sunlight, in a spray Maximum bioavailability Natural raspberry flavour 100% natural 100% vegan

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Vive Vitae (Mindscopic)

Rich in amino acids Rich in natural antioxidants Scientifically formulated 100% natural 100% vegan

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Focus Better (Cibdol)

Focus Better by Cibdol is primed with the following ingredients to keep your mind sharp: Helps you focus due to L-theanine (green tea)* Helps to keep you alert (due to caffeine)* Features Brainberry® extract Take 1 capsule daily

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React Faster (Cibdol)

React Faster harnesses the power of a selection of minerals, vitamins, and natural plant ingredients to allow users to gain an edge, no matter what task they undertake. 120mg of caffeine per dose Brainberry® (aronia berry extract) Promotes reaction speed (Panax Ginseng & Caffeine)* Encourages cognitive performance

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Focus Support (Dawn Nutrition)

Helps you focus (green tea)* For short and long-term use With the innovative Brainberry® extract Good for concentration (zinc, folate, vitamin C & B12) Helps you stay alert with (caffeine) With unique added ingredient ‘Zeaxantine’

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