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You may think that there’s nothing that can possibly beat vaping some fine quality ganja, and most of us will agree. But if you’re curious or simply want to try out something new and different, there’s a good number of other pleasant herbs out there for you to enjoy.

Some herbs have psychoactive effects, while others come with different advantages. Spiking your marijuana with an herbal kick is another great use for our vape herbs. Adding a bit of vape herb to a bowl of good ol’ Mary Jane enhances the flavour and can even alter the effect.

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St John's Wort

St. John's wort, also known as "perforate" or "common" St. John's wort, is a plant with yellow flowers, that some people, at first glance, may mistake for a common, roadside weed. It has been used for centuries as an herbal mood enhancer. Enjoy the rich flavour and effects of one of Mother Nature's miracle plants.

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Lavender (20 grams)

Lavender has a long history of use - it is even mentioned in the Song of Solomon. Lavender is used as a condiment in various foods, beverages, and teas and as a fragrance in cosmetics. Enjoy the highly aromatic experience this fragrant herb provides!

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Lemon Balm (20 grams)

Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) has been used for millennia and today herb lovers are starting to discover the aromatic delights of vaporizing it. In traditional folk medicine it was often used to alleviate coughs and sneezes, and circulatory insufficiency.

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Thyme (20 grams)

Thyme has been used for holistic purposes since the days of ancient Rome, but it's also extremely flavourful too! This 20g pack of shredded thyme is perfect for adding to meals, smoothies, and homemade cosmetics. So if you've been looking for a great way to incorporate some thyme into your day, look no further!

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Hops Flowers (20 grams)

It is known, that hops are used to stabilize beer, but there is more to these flowers of the hop plant Humulus lupulus. As an old household remedy, they were used to treat restlessness. Enjoy the rich flavour and effects that these dried flowers provide.

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Gunpowder Tea (100 grams)

Steeped in a rich history dating back to 618–907 AD, gunpowder tea has long been a staple in China. The leaves from the Camellia sinensis plant are withered and then balled into small pellets. This makes them perfect for combining with hot water to create a drink that offers up a uniquely smoky and nutty flavour, as well as an array of potential holistic uses.

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Wild Lettuce - Lactuca virosa

Wild lettuce (Lactuca virosa), also known as opium lettuce and great lettuce, is a herb native to South and Central Europe - but has since spread to many regions of the world. This dried wild lettuce is ideal for brewing into a tea.

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Damiana | Turnera afrodisiaca

Damiana (Turnera afrodisiaca) has a relaxing effect with a euphoric high for 1-2 hours after taking, and like its Latin name suggests, is a mild but effective aphrodisiac. 

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Passionflower (80 grams)

Passionflower is a soothing plant that can be enjoyed in numerous ways. It can be made into a tea, tincture, or capsules—the possibilities are nearly endless. Traditionally used for holistic purposes in the Americas and Europe, passionflower has found its place in the modern day.

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Catnip - Nepeta cataria

Catmint (Nepeta cataria), also known as catnip, is an intoxicant for cats (in fact most felines, even lions) and a mild relaxant in humans. It is a flowering, perennial plant native to Asia and Europe that grows easily even in poor soils.

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White Lotus (20 grams)

White Lotus is extremely similar to Blue Lily and can produce a sense of floating and euphoria when ingested. The dried buds and petals can be prepared as a tea or concoction. Content: 20 grams

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Blue Lotus - Nymphaea caerulea

Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) is first mentioned in the Egyptian Book of the Dead; blue and white lotuses were the most important ritual plants in ancient Egypt. The flowers were worn in the hair of the living and the dead, and were an important ornamental element in Egyptian art.

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Eucalyptus globulus (20 grams)

Eucalyptus leaves possess a potent mix of aromatic terpenes that light up the olfactory system and put the mind at ease. The leaves of this towering tree make a great addition to a relaxing blend. 

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Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) 20 grams

Rosemary is aromatic, flavourful, and extremely versatile. Whether you're looking to brew a tea, add a little to a blended smoothie, bake it into bread, or even place some in an aroma lamp, there's plenty to get out of this perennial plant. This 20-gram pack is ideal for adding a little rosemary into your daily life.

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Kanna Extract UB40

The relaxing properties of Kanna, a narcotic plant that is native to South Africa are known for more than 300 years. Tribesmen used the plant as a mild recreational drug for pleasure and for relaxation. The Kanna UB40 extract is especially made for vaporizing. While the effect...

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Pink Lotus (20 grams)

Used for many centuries, pink lotus still has a place in the modern world. By brewing up a batch of pink lotus tea, it's never been easier to experience all of the aromatic nuances that this flower provides.

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Chamomile (50 grams)

The history of chamomile reaches back to ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. The "chamomile" stems from the Greek term "chamaimēlon", which translates to "earth-apple", attributable to the apple-like scent the plant gives off.

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Information About Vape Herbs

Information About Vape Herbs

Vape herbs can be an interesting alternative or addition to what you are normally vaping. Vape herbs can be the perfect alternative for tobacco and can have many benefits. If you’re curious to learn more about herbs for vaping, along with their various purposes and benefits, here is some helpful information.


There is a whole range of vapable herbs that can provide us with a host of beneficial properties. Technically, vaping herbs is a form of aromatherapy. Many herbs used for this purpose have a long history in numerous cultures. The big advantage of vaping herbs is that you won’t breathe in the toxic byproducts linked to smoking.

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There are many herbs that you can vape for different purposes, where each herb provides its own distinct benefits. Along with effects than can be relaxing, uplifting, or even slightly psychoactive, some herbs are multipurpose in their action. For instance, an herb may be used to boost energy, but may also be used as a powerful aphrodisiac. As is the case with cannabis, vape herbs work because of the varied substances they contain—their unique combination of terpenes, flavonoids, and other phytochemicals. When you vape herbs, these compounds become active and readily available, so they can provide an effect on your body and mind.

  • Relaxation

The relaxing effects of herbs such as passionflower, hops, chamomile, and lavender have helped people with various health issues throughout history. They were widely used as natural sleeping aids, or for when people needed some relaxing time-out from their strenuous daily routines. What’s more, these herbs work just as well today as they did back then.

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  • Boosting Energy

One of the most popular uses for herbs all throughout history is as a natural energy booster. This should not come as too much of a surprise; before the advent of modern technology, days were mostly dedicated to hard work with very little rest in between. Natural energy boosters such as kola nut, maca, and yerba mate provided people with a welcome boost to help them in their demanding daily lives. Hunters and gatherers enjoyed these herbs for the endurance it gave them on their long journeys away from home.

Today, you can also enjoy the energy-boosting effect of these herbs. They can help you get a refreshing start in the morning, and over that dreaded slump in the afternoon.

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  • Aphrodisiac

The joys of a fulfilling love life are another domain for vapable herbs. Millennia ago, the blue lotus was a popular aphrodisiac among the Ancient Egyptians who used the plant to raise libido and sexual desire. Herbs such as kola nut, damiana, and maca root often combine several beneficial effects that make them excellent “pleasure boosters”. They provide energy and stamina, and stimulate the senses with a mild euphoric effect: the perfect combination for long, passionate nights!

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To make use of the full potential of your vape herbs, there are some things you should consider. First of all, you should be sure of the quality of the herb you want to use. If you feel certain that you are using a quality product that's free from pesticides and other harmful stuff, then it is time to explore the world of vape herbs.

Make sure you inform yourself about the exact temperatures the herbs should be vaped at because they all have different ranges that unleash their full effect. This way, you also avoid combusting your precious herbs.

Your herbs should be dry, but not too dry. If they crumble to dust in your hands, they are too dry. For the best vaping experience, they always should contain a little moisture. On the other hand, they shouldn't feel wet or moist to the touch.

If you don't already possess one, buy a grinder. You have to make sure your herbs are ground well before you pack them into the chamber of your vaporizer. This ensures that the heat is transferred efficiently through the plant material.

Of course, you should get a quality vaporizer with good vapor production and degree-accurate temperature settings. Also, clean and maintain your device for best results. Always inhale slowly to avoid blockages in the mouthpiece and cooling of the chamber.