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Sensation Seeds produce sensational seeds. Alliteration might be frowned upon by the writing literati, but these seeds really are sensational and they allow you to produce truly sensational marijuana. At Sensation Seeds feminized, autoflowering and high CBD strains have been perfected by dedicated growers with over thirty years experience. The best specimens of the best strains available in the world today are grown in house. The highest quality control guarantees the home gardener seeds that will germinate on cue, thrive during vegetation and finish as classic examples of trichome dusted marijuana flowers.

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Critical (Sensation Seeds) feminized

What it lacks in stature in makes up for in yield and power. Critical is an ideal indoor grow for those without much room wanting top class yields. It takes so little effort to produce such great quality cannabis. Critical will become a staple in the grow room.

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OG Kush (Sensation Seeds) feminized

A literally legendary strain from when it first appeared. Easy to grow and packing a punch like no other type of cannabis. OG Kush will impress with heavy yields and a heavier stone.

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Super Silver Haze (Sensation Seeds) feminized

Super Silver Haze has been grown and appreciated for over two decades. With good reason. A super sativa lavishly thronged with fat dense buds carpeted in thick knotted trichomes.

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Sensation Victory (Sensation Seeds) feminized

A mature Sensation Victory needs to be seen to be believed. Impossibly fat and heavy buds bend branches and radiate a sweet aroma. Medical and recreational indica fans will be delighted with this super producing strain.

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Cheese (Sensation Seeds) feminized

Cannabis history tells us that Cheese is a descendent of a Skunk #1 phenotype that stood out with an exceptional aroma. Created back in the 1980s and then constantly improved, this famous creation from the UK is still as fantastic choice for all lovers of awesomely tasting cannabis. Sensation Seeds’ Cheese variant shines with an excellent aroma and a happy high that is also incredibly...

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Sensation Haze Auto (Sensation Seeds) feminized

Cannabis connoisseurs know why they want to accept the often very long flowering time needed to grow outstanding Hazes. It’s as simple as that their long wait is always greatly rewarded. Sensation Seeds’ Sensation Haze Auto is one of these outright spectacular Hazes that delivers an incredible euphoric high but with the added plus of being an easy autoflower with a reasonably short growth...

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Medijuana CBD (Sensation Seeds) feminized

The breeders at Sensation Seeds set out to create a new CBD-rich strain that was supposed to provide medicinal users with a good dose of CBD while tasting awesome at the same time. The result of their efforts, their Medijuana CBD came out quite spectacular. This easy and fast flowering strain delights with rigorous growth while needing very little maintenance. You can grow her almost...

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Sensation CBD (Sensation Seeds) feminized

Ask any medicinal user and they will give you a ton of good reasons why they prefer to take medicine in the form of a delicious herb. But cannabis hasn’t just shown to be a natural and effective help for many health conditions. There are other benefits as well and the awesome tasting Sensation CBD by Sensation Seeds sure is a great example for that.

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Amnesia Haze (Sensation Seeds) feminized

When you want to grow top of the line cannabis. Try growing Amnesia Haze by Sensation Seeds. Superior genetics means commercial quantity yields of the finest cannabis on offer in the world today.

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AK-47 (Sensation Seeds) feminized

If you love cannabis, chances are that you already smoked an AK-47 seeing that AK-47 is an extremely popular and widely-known cannabis strains. Sensation Seeds presents to us their version of this award-winning classic which impresses with some serious potency along with an awesome and complex blend of flavours. This AK-47 variety makes a superbly relaxing smoke plus she is easy to grow...

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White Widow (Sensation Seeds) feminized

The breeders at Sensation Seeds took a late 1990s Elite clone of a White Widow to bring us their variant of this very popular strain. The result is a spectacularly productive Indica hybrid that shines with an extremely relaxing smoke and a superb flavour. You can grow her almost anywhere, including in colder climates where she will bring some substantial yields of premium WW goodness to the...

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Amnesia Haze Auto (Sensation Seeds) feminized

Ask any cannabis enthusiast who knows their stuff and they will likely tell you that Amnesia Haze is one of the best Hazes. Among the qualities that made Amnesia Haze so popular are her sheer potency, her excellent flavour and a rigorous but trouble-free growth. Sensation Seeds’ Amnesia Haze is a great autoflowering Amnesia Haze version that delights with all that while being super-easy to...

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Northern Light Auto (Sensation Seeds) feminized

Northern Light is one of the most-popular indica strains and there are quite a lot of good reasons for that. This superbly yielding strain perfectly mixes the old and the new, with a sensational flavour and a great high that made Northern Light a staple especially for Indoor growers. Sensation Seeds’ Northern Lights Auto is a fantastic autoflowering NL variety that grows with no...

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White Widow Auto (Sensation Seeds) feminized

The original White Widow is one of these outstanding strains that quickly found many of enthusiastic fans ever since she appeared on the scene. Her spectacular resin production, the powerful body high and her superb flavour don’t leave a wish open even for the pickiest of cannabis connoisseurs. Sensation Seeds’ autoflowering variety comes close to the original and makes growing this legend...

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AK Sensation Auto (Sensation Seeds) feminized

AK-47 has risen to legendary status in the cannabis scene and today is probably the most widely known strain and still hugely popular. There are many things to like about AK-47: Her reliability, yields and production that have made her a favourite cash crop or her great high and taste that is unmatched. Sensation Seeds managed to keep these qualities with their autoflowering Auto AK!

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Information About Sensation Seeds

What happens when you mix a Dutch coffee shop owner with a grower with deep roots in cannabis culture and a passion for cultivation and development? Sensation Seeds! Combining 30 years of experience, they offer heaps of knowledge and ability within the industry to develop world premium strains.

Sensation Seeds believe that growers around the world should have access to high-quality seeds that can be grown with confidence. Their seeds are carefully selected in order to provide customers with high-quality strains. They specialise in feminized, auto flowering and CBD cannabis seeds that are coveted powerful strains, some of the stickiest strains available from across the world. Landrace, hybrids and many more.

Although they are fresh on the market, Sensation Seeds already provide 16 various established strains that have already proven their worth with a variety of awards. Their ultimate goal is to ensure a successful harvest for all their customers, guaranteeing that their profits will be invested in developing the best products.


Sensation Seeds Packaging

Sensation Seeds provide packaging that is high      ly imperviable and built to last. Each pack provides five seeds and data about the strain: including a barcode you can scan for more detail.


Sensation Seeds have already earned themselves a multitude of highly-regarded awards with their powerful strains. With awards for almost every strain they produce, from High Times Cannabis Cups to a variety of award shows. We'll outline some of their most competitive and successful strains.

Senations Seeds AwardsAMNESIA HAZE

Amnesia Haze (Sensation Seeds)


  • 2004, High Times Cannabis Cup
  • 2006, High Times Cannabis Cup

Earthy with flavours of citrus and lemon, Amnesia haze provides a long-lasting energetic and euphoric buzz, slowly transforming into a strong stoned feeling. The genetics of this strain come from Jamaican Landrace and South Asian strains and the original flavours are clear with its mix of haze, lemon and spice.

As well as its special flavour and scent offering it the title of "queen of the Dutch coffee shops", the success of amnesia comes from its attractive yields. It grows at a moderate size between 1-1.4 meters. She yields dense buds coated in resin. She enjoys hot weather if grown outdoors, and may require a greenhouse due to a lengthy flowering period. With a fabulous pest and mould resistance, this feminized Amnesia Haze is a fantastic addition to your collection. 


Senations Seeds AwardsOG Kush

OG Kush (Sensation Seeds)


  • 2011, High Times Cannabis Cup

Weighing in with the highest THC content at the High Times Cannabis Cup (Denver 2013) at 24.04 percent, exhibiting a huge variety of phenotypes. This feminized OG Kush is an indica dominant strain, ideal for stress relief. With its pine and woody scent and sour lemon flavour, this strain has become a favourite among many specialists, experts as well as Hollywood celebrities.

A fast maturing plant with a moderate size, this feminized OG Kush doesn't require much attention but creates buds packed with resin, so stinky you will probably need an anti-odour filter. A brilliant indoor plant that grows well alongside SOG. This tropical plant will enjoys greenhouses and Mediterranean climate outdoors.

A powerfully cerebral and physical high with aromatic hints of diesel, berries and citrus. This potent bud is ideal for relaxation and rest.

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Senations Seeds AwardsWHITE WIDOW


  • 1995, Cannabis Cup
  • 1998, Cannabis Cup
  • 2002, HighLife Hemp Fair
  • 2003, HighLife Hemp Fair
  • 2004, HighLife Hemp Fair
  • 2006, HighLife Hemp Fair
  • 2007, HighLife Hemp Fair
  • 2008, HighLife Hemp Fair
  • 2010, HighLife Hemp Fair
  • 2011, HighLife Hemp Fair
  • 2012, Highlife Cup
  • 2014, Highlife Cup
  • 2015, Highlife Cup

An indica-dominant strain developed from a White Widow Elite clone of 1997. White Widow has been a hit since its discovery, with buds coated in crystals. She provides a powerful buzz that enhances creativity and conversation.

An absolute ideal for first time growers, she has a very floral bittersweet aroma which flows into the flavour along with a fruity aftertaste. A very physical high, great for relaxation, stress relief, muscle tension and insomnia - among others. A very consistent and classic feminized strain that is guaranteed to be a favourite for many growers.

Feminized White Widow:

White Widow (Sensation Seeds) feminized

A hardy plant that is remarkably easy to grow, with a swift flowering period of nine weeks. She produces densely packed buds filled with resin. The feminized White Widow grows well in cold climates such as northern Europe. She can mature to a height of up to 1 meter indoors, and can grow almost twice as tall outside. It can produce 56-65g for each plant if Grown indoors or 450-500g per square meter underneath a 600W light, while yields of up to 950g are not seldom when planted outside.

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Autoflower White Widow:

White Widow Auto (Sensation Seeds)

With dark green leaves dusted in a dense coating of resin, this White Widow produces dense and highly resinous buds. It may well be important to support the plant to protect it from toppling during the late flowering phase. Expect around 75 days of development from seed to bud, ideal for a grower with little time. This White Widow almost imitates the Orginal White Widow but tends to develop a little smaller with a considerably stronger, long-lasting body high and stoned effect. A perfect strain for medicinal use.

Expect a plentiful harvest with this one, with 600g/m² after about seven weeks of blossoming indoors and a gram of dried bud per centimetre when grown outdoors, while it grows up to 80cm. Expect it to grow well in any climate assuming the temperature doesn't drop below 10°C.

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Senations Seeds AwardsNORTHERN LIGHT

Northern Light Auto (Sensation Seeds)


  • 1992, Cannabis Cup
  • 1993, Cannabis Cup
  • 1994, Cannabis Cup
  • 2005, Highlife BCN

A potent autoflowering indica. These feminized seeds breed short, healthy plants with a considerable harvest. Reaching heights of 90cm up 120cm. Yields of up to 200g have been possible outdoors in Spain, while indoors 90g is not seldom. With refreshing citrus flavour offering a physically and psychologically relaxing and creative high, this is an autoflowering twist on a classic medicinal strain.

Northern Light was originally bred in the 70s in the USA using Afghani genetics. One of the most popular strains around, it later came to Holland where it became a staple for indoor growing. Over the years it has undergone much breeding and various growing techniques. Sensation Seeds provides an ideal mix of old and new, combining the fantastic flavour and scent of the original with the short flowering ability of the new, capable of achieving its entire growth cycle with a single photoperiod.


Senations Seeds AwardsAK-47

AK 47 (Sensation Seeds)


  • 1994, Cannabis Cup
  • 1996, Cannabis Cup
  • 1999, High Times Cannabis Cup, 2nd sativa
  • 2003, High Times Cannabis Cup, 2nd indica
  • 2010, Treating Yourself Expo, 1st sativa
  • 2011, High Times Cannabis Cup, 3rd Hybrid

A multi-award winning strain with some of the highest THC contents of its time. AK-47 combines genetics from Mexico, Columbia, Afghan and Thailand, bringing together a complex variety of effects and flavours. This is a powerful indica hybrid that provides a soothing, relaxed high with a long-lasting cerebral and creative buzz, with compliments of its sativa traits.

An incredibly musky, earthy strain with a spicy aroma, and a flavour much stronger than the smell. She grows with compact resinous buds and reddish hairs. This hybrid is ideal for indoor growing such as hydroponic or soil. AK-47 grows to around 1 meter and produces a very pungent smell - so express caution when cultivating!

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