DynaVap VapCap 'M' 2021


The DynaVap VapCap "M" is a small flame-fuelled vape pen that’s very efficient and produces incredibly flavourful vapour. The 2021 model features several improvements and a new classy design.

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Type: 2021 M $70.20
  • Type: 2021 M $70.20
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DynaVap - VapCap M: Ultra-Small, Super-Flavourful

The VapCap "M" by DynaVap is a small, ultra-portable vape pen that delivers top flavour and is very easy to use. This is DynaVap’s latest 2021 version from their VapCap series, which improves on the already great previous model.

Made in the USA, DynaVap vapes are getting hugely popular, and not without good reason. These pens produce an incredibly flavourful vapour that puts many other vapes on the market to shame. You can use the device to vape both herbs and resins.

DynaVap designed the VapCap M to provide vapers with a device that impresses with its quality and vaping performance—and last but not least, with its very reasonable price. The VapCap M is manufactured from 100% medical-grade stainless steel to the dimensions of the Original DynaVap VapCap.

What makes the M series stand out, among other features, is their signature temperature-indicating cap. When the vape has heated up sufficiently, the cap lets you know with a clicking sound.


Having gone through several annual iterations, no lineup of pipes or vaporizers is complete without the newest edition of the VapCap “M” by DynaVap. The 2021 update encapsulates everything you've come to know and love about the “M”, with a few welcome additions.

Lovingly crafted by the DynaVap team, the “M” is a battery-free TED (thermal extraction device) constructed from their signature medical-grade stainless steel. The result is a pipe that is easy to use and provides a flavourful hit time after time.

With its 10mm tapered mouthpiece, it has never been easier to take a pull. Plus, it can also be used in conjunction with your favourite water pipe via a simple connection. The “M” has a sleek, slightly hourglass figure that is effortless to hold and will slip into your pocket with ease.

To enjoy your preferred herbal blend, simply fill the “M” with your chosen milled variety and heat the bowl with a torch. It’s that simple. The “M” is designed for easy disassembly and cleaning after each use. Now in its 5th iteration, the “M” by DynaVap remains a top choice for enthusiasts.


The 2020 version of the VapCap M packs some seriously impressive improvements. The new—and somehow sleeker—design features Captive Cap functional geometry. The medical-grade stainless steel body now boasts a faceted tip and an adjust-a-bowl feature. The chamber size can be changed from full-size to half-size by simply sliding the tip up and down. This makes it easy to set up a heavy hit or a strategic microdose.

The mouthpiece end features a new 10mm taper, allowing users to snugly slot the device into any 10mm glass rig. An additional groove inside the mouthpiece allows the condenser to fit inside much more securely.

An upgraded chiral air port allows for improved air:vapor ratio adjustment and calibrated air injection. Users can adjust the amount of air they infuse with each hit, making for a lighter experience or a much fuller one.

The new grip is even more tactile than previous models. The spiral design clings to the hand and makes the VapCap M 2020 sit safely and securely. Speaking of security, the cap—or “Captive Cap”—now has its own cap! It won’t fall off when you let go, thanks to small indents on each side that help it snap into position.


Inline with DynaVap’s tradition of annual updates, 2019 brings a range of changes to the VapCap M. While you may think many of the amendments are purely cosmetic, the team at DynaVap have been hard at work fine-tuning the VapCap M’s overall design.

A new tactile profile has been etched into the body of the VapCap M that gives it a more impressive finish and improves grip. There are also more pronounced ridges closer to the tip to help identify when your fingers are creeping into the danger zone. The tip itself has also been re-worked, featuring a serpentine groove that improves airflow compared to the 2018 helix pattern. Finally, the air hole has been re-bored and the grooves surrounding it re-shaped. This is again so that the crucial parts of the VapCap M can be felt instinctively between your fingers without the need to continually look down.

Although subtle, all of the 2019 updates have been made with functionality and usability in mind. If you are still using your 2018 VapCap M, don’t panic, as the modular design means that the re-worked tips are interchangeable between models.


  • Now features a double-grooved triple helix for even better airflow
  • Now features textured grip that makes it easy to hold as the device heats up
  • Now features a larger carb hole


The VapCap M is very easy to use:

Remove the metal cap and load the VapCap with ground material or small pieces of resin. Close the cap again.

Use a lighter and apply heat to the side of the cap while rotating the device. A torch lighter works best. When you feel or hear the “click”, you are ready to vape! Enjoy your super-flavourful draws! When the VapCap has cooled, it will click again. When you’re vaping resin, make sure to remove residue after each vaping session.


  • Suitable for plant material and resin
  • Super-small and portable
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Midsection: stainless steel
  • Condenser: standard
  • Mouthpiece: stainless steel
  • Approximately 3.6 inches

The DynaVap VapCap M comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty on defects and craftsmanship.

DynaVap VapCap 'M' 2021 data sheet
Adjustable Temperature No
Brand Dynavap
Heating Technique Hybrid
Type Portable
Vaporizer Compatibility Herbs, Resins

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Reviews (86)
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    Gut und günstig
    Gutes Einsteigermodell, einfach u. günstig !

    M. B.

    Top, il me permet d’économiser non seulement sur le tabac et les feuilles que sur la matière principale.

    G. C.

    Parfait pour l'avoir partout avec soi, pas besoin de batterie. À n'utiliser que si l'on ne fume pas de joint roulé avant.

    V. L.

    Sehr guter Vaper!
    Nach dem Lesen vieler Rezensionen musste ich mir endlich auch mal den Dynavap zulegen. Die Unabhängigkeit vom Strom war das ein ausschlaggebendes Kriterium. Insgesamt bin ich mit dem Gerät doch sehr zufrieden und es macht hervorragend seinen Dienst. Ich habe mir dazu Sturmfeuerzeuge angeschafft, die nicht so sehr rußen. Der Dynavap macht einen sehr wertigen Eindruck. Klare Kaufempfehlung.

    T. H.

    Chouette et fonctionnel
    Chouette et fonctionnel pour une petite douille. Et merci pour le teasing des 10 commandes. Sympa !

    B. C.

    Prima Erfindung
    Der DYNAVAP funktioniert gut. Die akustische Bi-Metall-Temperaturanzeige ist ausreichend gut hörbar. Der Zug gefällt mir besser, als bei den meisten el. Geräten. Die an der Kappe angebrachte Zunge kann sowohl zur Dosierung als auch zum Säubern genutzt werden. Nicht zu viel in den Ofen geben! Einziger Verbesserungswunsch: Die Übergangsverbindung, Mundstück - Backofen, könnte länger sein.

    R. S.

    Good vapor
    I can definitely recommend this budget-friendly vaporizer. The vapor quality is excellent, tasteful, and the product is easy to use. The only downside I can think of is the hassle of having to heat the the thing, but you can make that into a little ritual with a candy and low light

    A. B.

    Werkt perfect
    Super ding, geeft een lekkere zuivere smaak. Warmt ook snel op. Ideaal om van de tabak af te raken.

    L. G.

    Funciona bien
    Muy cómodo y funcional

    A. G.

    Super produit, je recommande... Merci Zamnesia, rapide, discret, efficace

    E. M.
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DynaVap VapCap 'M' 2021
DynaVap VapCap 'M' 2021
DynaVap VapCap 'M' 2021
DynaVap VapCap 'M' 2021
DynaVap VapCap 'M' 2021
DynaVap VapCap 'M' 2021
DynaVap VapCap 'M' 2021
DynaVap VapCap 'M' 2021