Hops Flowers (20 grams)


It is known, that hops are used to stabilize beer, but there is more to these flowers of the hop plant Humulus lupulus. As an old household remedy, they were used to treat restlessness. Enjoy the rich flavour and effects, that vaporizing these dried flowers provides.

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Hops Flowers - Old household remedy

Everybody knows hops (the flowers of the hop plant Humulus lupulus) are used as a flavoring and stability agent in beer but they are also used in a way similar to Valerian.

The first documented hop cultivation dates back to 736 - in the Hallertau region of Germany which is famous for its high-quality hops, even till this day. Believe it or not, but with 34,000+ tons, Germany is still the main producer of hops. In addition to beer, hops are also used in herbal teas and soft drinks.

So much for the historical stuff. Today users already enjoy the rich flavour and effects, that vaporizing these dried flowers provides.

Content: 20 grams


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Reviews (26)

    goede hop andere site hebben troep
    echt goede kwalitijt


    Schöne Dolden
    Sehr angenehm zu rauchen.


    I stopped smoking 5 years ago ... decided to smoke non tabac things. Bought a CFX Vap. Not much smoke. I burn at 210c seems best. Mixed it with the Chamomile I bought and ground it all up. Smoked it as a joint as well. Amazing that because there is no nicotine, there is no addiction or need for another. Waiting for my sticky beast to mature, then I will vap pure the Sticky, but will joint and bong, chilum etc the sticky with these type of herbs and others.


    Not a great taste but a nice buzz
    Inittially I didn't know what to expect from the hops. I filled my storm vaporizer with it and set it to 180 degrees, the lowest setting on it. The taste is okay, not too bad, but not as good as Cannabis obviously. I didnt really notice any effects at first, but after a while I felt like smiling while cleaing the house, wich is not common =) It gave me a mild buzz with the euphoric smiling as mentioned. For the price its alright but dont expect big changes. Mixing it with dry herbs that have a bitter taste, (like Calea Zacatechichi, for lucid dreams) is great. This way you dont have any "side-effects" like if you would mix Calea Zacetechichi with cannabis.


    Ein Stern Abzug, wegen des doch sehr unangenehmen Geruchs. Dies spiegelt sich jedoch beim Rauchen nicht wieder. Dort ist der Geschmack eher süßlich mit einer netten Zusatzwirkung.


    Bon produit
    Même si je n'y ai pas trouvé ce que je voulais en termes d goût, c'est un produit de qualité.


    Great herbs
    Great quality, works well


    Hops for Storm
    Surprised by the fact that it works like a gem and I adjust flavor with herb and chamomille before bedtime. It eases my mind and provides nice nicer sleep ins.


    Stinkt wie alte Socken
    Ich weiß nicht was ich sagen soll das zeug stinkt wie alte Socken und schmecken tut es mir persönlich auch nicht also ich würde es nicht noch einmal kaufen


    odeur de poisson pourris
    goût infecte , odeur de poisson pourris , odeur persistante sur les mains après m'être lavé plusieurs fois....direct poubelle

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Hops Flowers (20 grams)
Hops Flowers (20 grams)