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Despite being invented centuries ago in the Middle East, the Shisha (or Hookah) pipe is still much loved around the world today. Made to smoke flavoured or unflavoured herbs, Shisha or Hookah pipes work by filtering smoke through a cool water basin to remove ash and other impurities while simultaneously cooling the smoke for a smoother, more flavourful experience.

At Zamnesia, we stock a full variety of Shisha pipes of all shapes and sizes, as well as all the accessories you might need to enjoy Shisha at home. From replacement jars and bowls to extra hoses and cleaning tools, you'll find a full selection of Shisha pipes and accessories below.

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Taslint Ceramic Shisha Bowl (Champ Al Malik)

The Taslint is a sleek, decorated ceramic shisha bowl from Champ Al Malik. With a slimmer, more modern design than the Tinjab, the Taslint is perfect for smaller shisha pipes or anyone looking for a thinner, slightly more elaborate bowl for their shisha/hookah. Made from natural ceramic, the Taslint offers excellent heat resistance and retention. Dimensions: 8.5cm (h) × 7cm (dia.)

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Ceramic Shisha Bowl Tinjab (Champ Al Malik)

Ceramic has long been used in the making of shisha pipes, thanks to its high heat tolerance. The Tinjab Ceramic Shisha Bowl is perfectly designed to not only securely hold shisha charcoals, but also conduct heat, to create thick, large clouds of delicious smoke. Dimensions: 6cm (h) × 6cm (dia.)

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Charcoal Tong (Champ Al Malik)

While some shisha pipes come complete with inexpensive tongs, they simply don't compare to these Charcoal Tongs by Champ Al Malik. Specially designed to handle hot coals to light your shisha/hookah, these tongs are a must-have for any shisha smoker.

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Rabat Glass Shisha 25cm (Champ Al Malik)

Looking for a small yet fully functional shisha to enjoy a smooth, flavourful smoke? The Rabat Glass Shisha from Champ Al Malik boasts a beautiful design and measures just 25cm tall, meaning it's easy to set up and fits perfectly on smaller surfaces. Ideal for when you want to enjoy a quick, no-fuss smoke alone or with a friend.

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Khouribga Mosaic Glass Shisha 38cm (Champ Al Malik)

Measuring 38cm, the Khouribga Mosaic Glass Shisha is the perfect home setup for those looking for a smooth and flavourful smoke. Complete with two hoses, this is the ideal accessory for a social smoke with friends. With an ornate and eye-catching design, allow this Shisha to take centre stage on your table as you gather around. Easy to use, and provides a great smoking experience for all.

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Exclusive Clay Bowl (Champ Al Malik)

This Exclusive Clay Bowl from Champ Al Malik offers an exciting, natural alternative to the regular ceramic bowls commonly used in shisha/hookah pipes. Like ceramic, clay boasts excellent heat resistance and retention and produces thick clouds of flavourful smoke. Dimensions: 6.5cm × 6.5cm × 7cm

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Coco Charcoal Casablanca 1kg (Champ Al Malik)

Champ Al Malik is renowned for its high-quality shisha pipes and accessories. These charcoal cubes are made from 100% natural coconut husks, offering a slow, even burn and a delicious smoke every time.

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Charcoal Rolls (Champ Al Malik)

Each roll of Champ Al Malik Charcoals contains 10 circular, self-igniting charcoals, ideal for using in shishas or hookahs—though some people also use them to light natural aromatics such as incense, myrrh, sandalwood, or palo santo.

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Smimou Glass Shisha 43cm (Champ Al Malik)

The Smimou is a stunning shisha from Champ Al Malik featuring a unique rainbow-inspired glass design. It stands roughly 43cm tall and includes two hoses plus all the smoking accessories you could need to enjoy a full-bodied, delicious smoke at home.

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Selouane Glass Shisha 55cm (Champ Al Malik)

The Selouane is a large, traditional Arabic shisha pipe complete with two hoses—ideal for a long smoke session with friends. Featuring the fine, traditional design that characterises all Champ Al Malik shisha pipes, the Selouane isn't just a treat to look at, but an absolute pleasure to smoke, producing dense clouds from beginning to end.

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Taza Glass Shisha 35cm (Champ Al Malik)

Looking for a traditional Moroccan shisha? Then look no further. The Taza is a beautiful pipe with a highly detailed glass vase, inspired by the shapes found in the ancient structures of Taza City in northern Morocco. It measures roughly 35cm tall, comes with one smoking hose, and features the quality and functionality found in all Champ Al Malik shisha/hookah pipes.

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Jorf Glass Shisha 57cm (Champ Al Malik)

Looking for a tall shisha with a modern design, ideal for sharing with friends or enjoying on your own? Then look no further—the Jorf by Champ Al Malik is a beautiful pipe boasting a clear, beaker-shaped glass base with a beautiful pearlescent tint, a single valve for one hose, and a ceramic bowl for optimal combustion and dense, flavourful hits.

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Sidi Glass Shisha 53cm (Champ Al Malik)

Champ Al Malik shisha pipes are loved not only for their stunning designs, but also for their superior functionality. The Sidi is no exception, boasting a gorgeous all-glass design and an excellent smoking mechanism that produces large, full-bodied hits every time.

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Talmest Glass Shisha 45cm (Champ Al Malik)

Looking for a large shisha/hookah pipe with a sleek, modern design? The Talmest Glass Shisha from Champ Al Malik offers exactly that, plus the functionality and quality that all Champ Al Malik shisha products are known for. Whether you light it up on your own or with a friend, the Talmest Shisha promises to look and smoke like a charm.

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Nador Glass Shisha 20cm (Champ Al Malik)

The Nador is an elaborately designed one-person shisha/hookah from Champ Al Malik. Standing roughly 20cm tall with a wide base, the Nador sits nice and stable and will fit on any table, countertop, or surface. With its compact design and single hose, the Nador is ideal for when you want to kick up your feet and relax as you enjoy a quiet, private smoke.

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Deroua Glass Shisha 34cm (Champ Al Malik)

Have you been looking for a portable shisha? Then look no further; the Deroua by Champ Al Malik is an aluminium shisha pipe designed for smokers who like to take their pipe on the road. She takes just minutes to fire up and, thanks to her slim 9cm base, can easily be dismantled and thrown in a bag to enjoy smooth shisha hits wherever you are.

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Shisha Silicone Mouthpieces (100 pcs)

Extend the life of your shisha with these Shisha Silicone Mouthpieces. Available in a pack of 100 pieces, simply twist off the existing mouthpiece and swap it out for one of these to enjoy unrivalled flavours and aromas. This accessory is effortless to use and will keep you in shisha paradise for a long time to come. An old mouthpiece will only dull your experience, so replace it today.

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Bong Brush

The bong brush is a long and narrow brush ideal for accessing those hard to reach areas of your bong. The tough bristles work well to rid your rig of tar and ash.

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Pipe Kleaner Concentrate

Reclaim a stainless bong. The "Kulu" pipe cleaner concentrate is a universal cleaner for bongs and other smoking devices made of glass, plastic, aluminum and other materials. Easy to use. Content: 500ml.

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Hose Marrakech XL (El-Badia)

This extra-long (220cm) shisha hose is perfect for smoking shisha as a group. The extra length lets you pass it among friends easily, without anybody or anything having to move.

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Mouthpiece Marrakech (El-Badia)

This slick El-Badia mouthpiece looks as smooth as your shisha tastes! Smoke with style and elegance.

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Compact Charcoal Lighter (El-Badia)

This compact charcoal lighter is perfect for easily lighting a range of shisha charcoals, including those made from coconut. It's best used with metal tongs.

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Ice Tip Bazooka 2.0 (El-Badia)

These contraptions attach to your hookah to make the smoke even cooler and smoother than before!

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Flexible Brush (El-Badia)

These flexible brushes are used to clean the inside of a hookah hose and mouthpiece. Keep you hookah fresh and delicious—as it should be—with these simple but highly important pieces of kit.

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