Magic Mushroom Liquid Culture Syringes

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Growing magic mushrooms just got easier with our new collection of liquid cultures. Enjoy faster and safer inoculation!

Magic mushroom liquid cultures contain live, isolated mushroom mycelium suspended in a sugar solution (which helps to keep the mycelium fed for some time). Liquid cultures are ideal for inoculating grain media because they minimise the risk of contamination and take less time to colonise the medium.

How Is Liquid Culture Different From a Spore Syringe?

Whereas liquid cultures contain live mycelium, spore syringes contain only mushroom cells (or spores) that, after inoculation, need to germinate and grow to colonise a medium to form mycelium. Essentially, liquid cultures save mycologists a few extra steps after inoculation, making for a faster growing cycle and a quicker harvest. Plus, liquid cultures boast higher germination rates than when working with spores.

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Melmac Monster Liquid Culture Syringe (Acid Shroomz)

The Melmac Monster is a unique, lab-bred variety of the Penis Envy mushroom. Named after everyone's favourite friendly alien, Alf from planet Melmac, this mushroom strain is known for its unique physical traits and above-average potency. Now, thanks to Acid Shroomz' new line of liquid cultures containing live mycelium, growing the Melmac Monster at home has never been easier.

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Hawaii Liquid Culture Syringe (Acid Shroomz)

Looking for a step up from spore syringes? Acid Shroomz has you covered with its new line of liquid cultures. Containing live Psilocybe cubensis Hawaii mycelium, this liquid culture offers faster colonisation without adding more steps or complexity to the inoculation process. If you're looking for a faster way to grow Psilocybe Hawaii at home, you've found it.

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B+ Liquid Culture Syringe (Acid Shroomz)

If you're looking for a reliable Psilocybe cubensis strain for your next, or even first-ever, shroom project, B+ is the way to go. You can now set yourself up for a successful grow. B+ develops large, caramel-coloured, rounded caps and thick stems that look amazing and perform equally well. It's a very popular strain, thanks to its high yields and ease of growth.

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Mondo Liquid Culture Vial

Double the colonization speed compared to the use of spores with the Mondo Liquid Culture. Simply inject 1ml of spores into the vial and shake once a day and after 2-14 days you will see the mycelium grow. There is no need for a sterile environment. Can be stored at 4-6°C for over a year. This is the perfect solution for mass production, preservation, and trading of cultures.

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