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Mr Nice Seeds is an Amsterdam-based company owned by the famous Shantibaba, well-known for his contribution to a wide variety of groundbreaking cannabis breeding projects from the last two decades. By joining forces with another legend, Howard Marks, they combined their expertise to form a company that was predestined for success. At Zamnesia, we offer a selection of seeds from Mr Nice, each one special and powerful in its own right.

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Black Widow (Mr. Nice) regular

Most infamous strain that has won a numerous amount of awards since 1994.

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Critical Mass (Mr. Nice) regular

Great and robust cross between an ancient Afghani and the notorious Skunk #1.

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Early Queen (Mr. Nice) regular

Legendary crossing of an Early Pearl, Early Girl and a top quality Super Skunk.

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Mango Haze (Mr. Nice) regular

A smart crossing of 3 award-winning monster-strains! A Northern Lights #5, a Skunk and a true Haze.

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Medicine Man (Mr. Nice) regular

Very popular old-school medical strain with a very pleasant and calming overall effect on both body and mind.

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Shark Shock (Mr. Nice) regular

Incredibly potent crossing between the legendary Skunk #1 and the notorious White Widow.

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Shit (Mr. Nice) regular

An award-winning classic crossing between an original Skunk and an ancient Afghani. Perfect combination of high and stoned.

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Spice (Mr. Nice) regular

Exotic hybrid crossing between a Hawaiian Indica and a Hawaiian Sativa with a luscious fruity aroma and flavor.

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Super Silver Haze (Mr. Nice) regular

Multiple award winning and legendary crossing between a famous Northerns Lights, an original Haze and a Skunk.

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NL5 x Afghan (Mr. Nice) regular

The regular NL5 x Afghan by Mr. Nice is a highly sought after variety for medical patients who seek both flavor and potency in a product. Nevil and Shantibaba combined different Afghan land races and by doing so, they created a compact plant with a short flowering period, strong flavors and an end-product with a strong Indica punch. Expect 500-750g/m² after 7-9 weeks.

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Dreamtime (Mr. Nice) regular

The regular Dreamtime by Mr. Nice is a mixture of old school genetics; Shantibaba selected a range of beginner friendly strains and his pick contains Haze, Northern Light, Skunk and Afghan genetics. You'll achieve the best results in bio and hydro set-ups. Indoors you can expect anything from 400 to 550g/m² after 60+ days of flowering, depending on the phenotype.

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Walkabout (Mr. Nice) regular

Walkabout by Mr. Nice is a selection of regular seeds with genetics originating from various sources such as Thai, Skunk, India, Haze, New Guinea and Mexican varieties. Highly recommended for outdoor or greenhouse cultivation; indoors it could become tricky due to the present Sativa influence. Take a walk through Shantibaba's selection and pick your own keeper to create clones.

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Critical Skunk (Mr. Nice) regular

The regular Critical Skunk by Mr. Nice is a very aromatic and high yielding niece of the Critical Mass, a variety that took the European stoner community by storm. It is the perfect choice for novice growers who want a heavy plant within a relatively short period of time. In an indoor plantation one can expect 650-800g/m² after only 6-8 weeks of flowering, depending on the phenotype.

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G13 x Skunk (Mr. Nice) regular

The regular G13 x Skunk by Mr. Nice is an easy to grow plant that thrives well in indoor set-ups, outdoor plantations and greenhouses; suited for the novice and commercial grower alike. Due to the Indica dominance it does not stretch much but achieves very good yield for a small plant. An average indoor harvest after flowering for 7-10 weeks amounts to 500-650g/m².

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Ortega (Mr. Nice) regular

Ortega by Mr. Nice is a straight-up old school indica. Made from some legendary strains Ortega is an all time classic and the answer to all those indica lovers out there searching for the perfect strain. It offers a sedative buzz, very high yields, very fast growing times and easy maintenance – there is not much that this strain can be faulted on.

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Nordle (Mr. Nice) regular

Created as a tribute to the good old days of finest-quality hashish from Afghanistan, Mr. Nice brings us a fabulous mix of old-school genetics with their Nordle. The cross between an Afghani and a Skunk #1 doesn’t just taste awesome and impresses with good production, yields and superb flavour. This wonderful all-rounder is finishing very fast and she is easy to grow too!

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G13 Haze (Mr. Nice) regular

The regular G13 Haze by Mr. Nice is precisely what her name suggests - the result of crossing a G13 with a Haze. Nevil and Shantibaba did it again; they created a great variety for medicinal users. This strain is for the experienced grower and prefers to root in a bio or hydro set-up. Grown indoors you can expect a yield of 500-750g/m² after 9-11 weeks of flowering.

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Critical Haze (Mr. Nice) regular

The regular Critical Haze by Mr. Nice is a limited time offer of a high yielding variety with very high medicinal value! Despite the Haze influence the plants reach full maturity within only 8-10 weeks of flowering and produce heavy yields of 450-650g/m² in an indoor plantation. The plethora of aromas and the productivity will convince you in no time.

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Information about Mr. Nice

Mr. Nice Seeds

Mr Nice Seed Bank is one of the most respected seed banks in the world. Its founders are among the pioneers of cannabis breeding. You can find all their knowledge and passion in both the potent old school strains and the newly awarded hybrids.

In April 2016 Howard Marks, alias Mr. Nice, left this world. He was one of the first pioneers of today’s “regulated” cannabis business, and he left us with a rich inheritance of unique cannabis strains. After being imprisoned in the United States for smuggling, he founded in 1990 the Mr. Nice Seed Bank together with other two notorious breeders, Scott Blakey “Shantibaba” and Neville Schoenmaker. All cannabis strains bred by Mr Nice Seed Bank actually incorporate the talents and the huge wealth of experience of their breeders, resulting in a large amount of international awards.

Today, Mr. Nice Seed Bank still owns the original genetics which were saved from the Dutch authorities’ repression in 1995, and then saved again from the shutdown forced by a Swiss Prosecutor in 2003. Thanks to the actual owner Scott Blakey, the spirit and the smiles of his friend Mr. Nice still live today in both the old school and the new descendant strains. Preserving genetics and biodiversity has always been Shantibaba’s and Mr. Nice Seeds Bank’s philosophy, reflected in today’s precious cannabis seeds such as Lights 5, Super Silver Haze, White Widow, White Rhino and White Shark, to name a few.

Mr Nice Seed Bank produces all its seeds in its own controlled breeding research laboratories and has always interacted with the growers who work with its strains to help getting the most of them and increase the shared knowledge. Shantibaba is also committed in spreading information about medical cannabis genetics and cultivation techniques. His company is today involved in the CBD Crew project for the research on high-cannabidiol strains. Zamnesia offers you some excellent strains from the Mr. Nice Seed Bank which will all make you smile.


Packaging Mr. Nice Seeds

Mr. Nice Seeds' special sealed packaging keeps cannabis seeds protected from impacts and humidity. This packaging solution allows cannabis seeds to be safely shipped around the world. It contains xx seeds and it is not resealable in order to guarantee seeds’ origin.

Awards Mr. Nice

Since the foundation of this company, original strains from Mr. Nice Seed Bank started to win the most important international awards. Year after year and all around the world, a lot of connoisseurs have recognised in these breeders’ varieties all the traits that make exceptional cannabis. Here is a selection of all the Mr. Nice Seed Bank strains that won a prize at cannabis contests.


Critical Mass (Mr. Nice)


  • 2008, Copa Highlife BCN 2008 - Yervagüena for Critical Mass
  • 2008, Highlife Planta del año 2008 - Mr Nice Seeds for Critical Mass
  • 2008, Copa de la Marihuana de Madrid, 2nd prize
  • 2007, Marijo Taxpalketa, 2nd prize outdoor
  • 2006, Copa de la Marihuana de Madrid, 3rd prize

A robust cross between an ancient Afghani and the notorious Skunk #1 gave birth to an excellent version of an old breed. This is a high yield strain for commercial farmers and outdoor crops. The heavy Afghani pedigree makes you expect a yield indoors around 650-750g/m² with a flowering time of 45/55 days. Outdoors you can harvest 500-600g of heavy flowers per plant. Critical Mass needs you to keep the humidity under control because her exceptionally compact flowers can attract mould. With this precaution she will greatly reward both the inexperienced and the professional grower. 


Dinafem AwardsBLACK WIDOW

Black Widow (Mr. Nice)


  • 1995, High Times Cannabis Cup

Mr. Nice’s Black Widow is a classic blend of two old school genetics. One is an original South Indian Indica and the other a native Brazilian sativa. This strain has a potential huge resin production which requires from 8 to 10 weeks of flowering indoors. Even amateur breeders can expect yields of 350-450g/m², and 300-400 g/plant outdoors.



Super Silver Haze (Mr. Nice)


  • 1997, High Times Cup, 1st prize Hydro Cup
  • 1998, Cannabis Cup, 1st prize Cannabis Cup
  • 1999, Cannabis Cup, 1st prize Cannabis Cup

This is a legendary crossing that’s still delighting connoisseurs. Breeders Neville and Shantibaba put together a family of 25% Skunk with 25% Northern lights, and 50% Haze. This strain might require an experienced grower to express all its genetic potential. When properly grown, Super Silver Haze results in a highly valued final product. Yields can surpass 450-550 g/m² indoor with 8-10 weeks of flowering, while 500g/plant outdoor are easily obtained.