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Homegrown Fantaseeds opened doors in the heart of Amsterdam in 1996 after Jaap had taken over the genetic library of Positronics, Hollands first grow-shop selling seeds and source of many strains that became classics in the 1980's and 90's, such as Top 44, Big Bud and Afghani for instance. The guys at Homegrown Fantaseeds started breeding and experimenting with these magnificent genetics, combining them with popular genetics they collected in the past ten years - and raked in awards at the High Times Cannabis Cup 2001 (Blue Haze) and 2004 (Cheese) for their creations. In recent years they focused on the creation of autoflowering varieties and released some hybrid strains that became very popular near-instantly. They keep on experimenting with their ever expanding gene pool so you can rest assured that they release news strains on a regular basis, so check back frequently.

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K2 (Homegrown Fantaseeds) feminized

Forget K9, K2 is most definitely man's best friend. This mild mannered hybrid is as sweet as they come, emitting a heavenly scent matched only by her sumptuous taste and mellow stone. Homegrown Fantaseeds decided to cross the Hindukush 'sprog' with the wonderful White Widow to give a K2 a generous top-up of both speed and power.

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Afghani (Homegrown Fantaseeds) feminized

Derived from a legendary lineage, Afghani from Homegrown Fantaseeds is a strain of the utmost quality. Having spent many developing this potent product, the experienced cultivators are keen to show their feminized creation off. Afghani is a 100% Indica variety that harbours a slew of medicinal qualities - known for their effectiveness.

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Mango (Homegrown Fantaseeds) feminized

A great outdoor grower and all around tasty strain, Mango from Homegrown Fantaseeds is a smooth mover in every sense. The Indica dominant strain induces a body high that soothes and relaxes your muscles completely. Flowering in just 8 weeks, its no wonder why she's such a firm favourite.

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Top 44 (Homegrown Fantaseeds) feminized

Combining the pungent and powerful pot protege that is 'Skunk 1' with the fast-flowering action of Dutch delight 'Viking' was a great move on the part of long time cultivators Homegrown Fantaseeds. This perfect blend of power and speed resulted in a super indica that goes by the name of TOP 44.

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Jack Herer (Homegrown Fantaseeds) feminized

Cannabis cult classic Jack Herer (given something of a feminized revival) is back and more powerful than ever. This hugely popular strain has been re-tweaked by Homegrown Fantaseeds and is now available as a 100% female seed. Ready to harvest in just 8 weeks of flowering, she is a really speedy seed that does not disappoint.

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Homegrown Lowryder (Homegrown Fantaseeds) feminized

The Homegrown Lowryder, a cross between Williams Wonder, Northern Light and Ruderalis to give the strain its autoflowering property, stands out when compared to other autoflowering strains because of its higher-than-average yield and steep percentage of THC. On top of that, it only takes 10 to 11 weeks to finish its life cycle.

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