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As one of the prominent figures in cannabis genetics, Royal Queen Seeds has blazed the trail for many years. As an award-winning seedbank, they certainly have many things to be proud of. However, it's their unique and huge variety of strains that is bound to impress.

Starting out in Amsterdam, Royal Queen Seeds has carved its path by producing high-quality, premium seeds for the masses. While they still have a shop located in the Netherlands, they opted to move to slightly sunnier and warmer climes, setting up headquarters just outside Barcelona, Spain. This move has also allowed them to sample and experiment with all kinds of local genetics to further their ambition to create the best strains possible.

While they started out producing feminized seeds that gave prospective growers a perfect shot at cultivating female plants, they have developed autoflowering seeds to even CBD dedicated strains in more recent times. There truly is a seed for everyone out there, and Royal Queen Seeds has met this demand head-on and is looking to cater for all tastes and requirements.

Of course, strain choices really boil down to personal preference, their record of winning over 12 prizes for their cannabis seeds has done nothing but bolster their reputation and popularity. Strains such as Amnesia Haze has seen them scoop 1st place in both the High Times Cannabis Cup as well as their Sativa Cup.

The main focus of Royal Queen Seeds is to produce reliable strains to suit all levels of growing experience. They look to provide an easygoing time when it comes to cultivation, with an end result that's geared towards providing great yields, flavours, aromas and effects. This care, attention to detail and enthusiasm to provide the best possible seeds around has allowed Royal Queen Seeds to cement themselves as one of the most highly sought after and requested seedbanks in Europe. If you've ever wondered what they have to offer and feel you'd like to give them a try yourself, we have every seed you could need.

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Punch Pie (Royal Queen Seeds) Feminized

It's time for a euphoric slice of Punch Pie. This exclusive strain results from a collaboration between Royal Queen Seeds and Tyson 2.0—the heavyweight champion's very own cannabis company. This 90% indica-dominant cultivar boasts great flavors and effects, a short flowering cycle and a zero-fuss approach to growing. So, if you've been looking for a knockout experience, prepare for Punch...

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Gelato 44 (Royal Queen Seeds) Feminized

Introducing a showstopper of a strain, Gelato 44. Royal Queen Seeds has partnered with Tyson 2.0 to create a selection of exclusive seeds, making Mike Tyson's favourite strains available to home growers. Gelato 44 is arguably one of the most flavourful and potent of this collection. So, if you're considering stepping into the ring, let us be your coach and show you what to expect.

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Dynamite Diesel (Royal Queen Seeds) Feminized

Dynamite Diesel is just one of the exclusive strains created by the team at Royal Queen Seeds in collaboration with Mike Tyson's company, Tyson 2.0. The resulting cultivar boasts a finely tuned array of terpenes and cannabinoids that deliver massive hits of flavor and some heavyweight effects that will keep your mind clear and focused but completely mellow when you need it most.

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NYC Sour D Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds) Feminized

As the result of Royal Queen Seeds collaborating with Tyson 2.0, NYC Sour D Automatic is part of a line of exclusive strains that will wow growers worldwide. This unique autoflower is known for its soothing properties, rare gassy flavors and no-nonsense nature. At home in any grow op, you don't want to miss the opportunity to get up close and personal with this legendary cultivar.

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GOAT'lato Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds) Feminized

If you think you've seen everything Gelato-based strains have to offer, we're here to surprise you with the greatest of all time, or rather, GOAT'lato Automatic. This strain comes from an exclusive collaboration between Royal Queen Seeds and Tyson 2.0. This autoflowering masterpiece is the result of endless experimentation, earning its place as one of the best gelato strains available.

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Corkscrew Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds) Feminized

Corkscrew Automatic is a mind-blowing autoflower from the minds at Royal Queen Seeds and Tyson 2.0. This is one jacked strain that showcases uplifting effects, tropical flavors, and an easygoing growing process well-suited for all levels of expertise. Add this autoflower to your grow op and expect some heavyweight harvests—in just 13 weeks from seed to yield.

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Apollo F1 Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds) Feminized

Boasting some god-like genetics, Apollo F1 Auto is effortless to cultivate and rewards growers with an abundance of great-tasting citrus, lavender, and vanilla-scented buds. Whether smoked or vaped, this true F1 hybrid offers an easygoing physical stone that's not couch-locking, but rather keeps users motivated and creative.

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Orion F1 Auto (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

From the team at Royal Queen Seeds comes Orion F1 Auto. This autoflowering strain showcases robust, resilient genetics that are accessible to novices and experts alike. After just 70 days from germination, large yields of sweet, super-soothing buds will be ready to harvest and enjoy.

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Hyperion F1 Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds) Feminized

Hyperion F1 Auto offers the perfect growing experience for all. This stable strain can be cultivated in a wide variety of settings. Boasting finely tuned pure genetics, growers are in for a treat. After an easygoing 80 days from germination to harvest, Hyperion F1's buds showcase peppery and earthy notes that are perfect for smoking or vaping. Coupled with an uplifting high, this is a real...

£34.22 £27.38
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Medusa F1 Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds) Feminized

A new and outstanding release from our friends at Royal Queen Seeds, Medusa F1 Auto is a plant that will impress every grower. As a true F1 hybrid deriving from pure cannabis lines, it presents unprecedented stability and uniformity, as well as mouth-watering flavours and a speedy life cycle. Ready in approximately 72 days after germination, quality harvests have never been more attainable.

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Cosmos F1 CBD Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds) Feminized

From the team at Royal Queen Seeds comes a cannabidiol-focused cultivar in the form of Cosmos F1 CBD. This CBD-rich hybrid excels in all areas, from growth and production to flavour, aroma, and effects. Containing almost no THC, this strain can be enjoyed at any time of day. All it takes is around 80 days from start to finish.

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Gushers (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

Any Gelato hybrid is destined for success, and Gushers contains Gelato 41 genetics as well as those of the award-winning Triangle Kush. Gushers is powerful, dripping with 24% THC, and it exhibits plenty of vigour in the grow room. Great for enjoying solo or with friends, Gushers will lift you up and put you in a happy, relaxed mood.

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Wedding Cake (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

Pick up some Wedding Cake to experience a holy matrimony between superb cookie flavours and relaxing, blissful effects. This all-star strain from the team at Royal Queen Seeds is set to impress with abundant yields after a brief flowering stage. Soon, the big day will be upon you, so don't be late; enjoy Wedding Cake today!

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Sundae Driver (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

With mind-blowing aromas and an abundant growing experience, there's plenty to love about Sundae Driver before you've even delved into her high! Regarding effects, this is one driver that goes at two different speeds. Open yourself up to a productive high in smaller doses, and massively soothing effects in larger doses. Park this plant in your grow-op today!

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Biscotti (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

Choose Biscotti by Royal Queen Seeds, and you're in for a delicious experience. This tasty cannabis treat is reminiscent of the yummy Italian biscuit, and while it can be enjoyed at any time, it makes for a superb dessert strain. Biscotti is not for the faint-hearted, though, as it contains a whopping 25% THC and produces intense cerebral effects. Take this variety one toke at a time.

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Cereal Milk (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

Cereal Milk captures that sweet and refreshing flavour of finishing your cereal as a kid, but with potent effects you won't get from any off-the-shelf breakfast cereal. This accessible and easygoing strain is well-suited to absolute beginners and green-fingered cannabis experts. Sample her for yourself today!

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Apple Fritter Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

Apple Fritter Automatic from Royal Queen Seeds showcases massive flavours, potent effects, and a growing experience that's perfectly suitable for all levels of expertise and nearly all settings and environments. Simply put, Apple Fritter Automatic is here to be enjoyed, and in just 12 short weeks, you can get your hands on her moreish buds!

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Wedding Cake Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

This show-stopping autoflower brings all of the flavours and effects you've come to expect from Wedding Cake, but wraps them up in an even easier growing experience. Bound to appeal to newcomers and easygoing cultivators alike, all it takes is 10 weeks from seed to harvest, and you'll be rewarded with a huge serving of tasty buds.

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Mimosa Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

There's something about an uplifting high combined with tangy citrus tastes that is thoroughly refreshing. With no couch-locking vibes in sight, Mimosa Automatic is an autoflowering strain that not only provides a crystal clear high, but some truly great flavours as well. She's easy to grow, and perfect for novices and the more experienced alike.

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Royal Runtz (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

RQS is known for their royal lineup of strains, but Royal Runtz is perhaps the most sovereign of all. From her mouth-watering candy-sweet flavours to her knockout effect, she offers a cannabis experience fit for the upper echelon of stoners. just give her a little care during her growing cycle, and she's sure to reward you with bountiful yields alongside an uplifting and euphoric high.

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Royal THCV (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

Royal THCV showcases an unprecedented cannabinoid profile rich in THCV. Also containing a mild THC level, this strain offers something unique and uplifting. Fruity, herbal flavours and large yields from compact plants make Royal THCV even more desirable among growers and smokers. See what THCV has to offer for yourself.

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Fat Banana (Royal Queen Seeds) Feminized

Royal Queen Seeds brings us the biggest, fattest, and fruitiest Kush with Fat Banana. This unusual variety is so mouthwateringly tasty that you will have a hard time putting her down after taking your first hit. Nevertheless, take it slow and don’t let this lady seduce you. Loaded with 25% THC, she’s incredibly potent and initiates a relaxing high that lasts a long time.

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Royal Gorilla Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

Royal Queen Seeds’ new Royal Gorilla Automatic takes autoflowering cannabis to a whole new level. For their new Royal Gorilla Automatic they blended the most potent West Coast genetics to bring us a truly game-changing autoflower. Thanks to 20% THC this autoflower delivers an incredible high and pleases with top yields, while being easy and hassle-free to grow!

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Do-Si-Dos Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

On occasion, autoflowering strains lose out on potency in favour of an easy-going growing experience. Fortunately, this is not the case with Do-Si-Dos Automatic. Indeed, she's easy to grow, and will accommodate newcomers and veterans alike. However, she still retains her trademark potent buds—accented with skunky and sweet tones—that provide a huge, pacifying high.

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Information Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds

Who Are Royal Queen Seeds?

RQS are one of the most well-known and well-loved breeders in the European cannabis scene. They are based in Spain and have an excellent reputation for identifying top genetics and using them to their full potential. Beginning as a group of hobbyist friends, they were met with such success that they decided to commercialise their passion. At first, they only supplied locally in the Netherlands, where they first formed. However, as their reputation and skill base grew, they quickly garnered an impressive international reputation – which they still hold today.

quick facts!
Who are Royal Queen Seeds?

Royal Queen Seeds is a top European cannabis breeder and seedbank known for its impressive cannabis genetics, thorough and informative content, and conscientious activism in both cannabis education and sustainable practices.

Royal Queen Seeds' Vision And Mission

Royal Queen Seeds Vision Mission

RQS have a simple and inclusive motto: If you have passion, you can grow quality genetics! They proved it was true themselves. Now, they set out to debunk myths surrounding cannabis, educate, and always be at the forefront of developments regarding cannabis—be it in genetics, studies or helping out the wider cannabis market.

Not only this, but RQS is now leading the charge with CBD-based products too. Whether you want seeds that will yield CBD-rich bud or delicious ready-to-vape extractions, RQS are a pretty good bet.

Recognising that the environment isn't in the best shape, RQS makes its missions sustainable. They use organic practices and believe that sunlight is the best light for their plants to flourish under—meaning their carbon footprint is significantly smaller than if they used artificial lights. This push can also be seen in their products, with everything from merch to freebies all moving towards being made from organic and sustainably sourced materials.

Where Are Royal Queen Seeds based?

Though RQS began in the Netherlands, its headquarters are now located near sunny Barcelona. They have a number of stunning retail stores based across Europe, including Barcelona, Marbella and Amsterdam. However, most of their business is located online.

Are Royal Queen Seeds Any Good?

Royal Queen Seeds Good?

Absolutely. RQS are the recipients of many awards, including the Highlife Cup, Spannabis Cup, and High Times Cannabis Cup. This should give you an indication of the quality of the seeds they produce.

Thanks to their reputation and position at the top of Europe's cannabis market, they have access to the very best experts, insiders and professionals. This has allowed them to produce the RQS magazine. This is a biannual publication with the latest developments in genetics, growing techniques, and other essential news from the cannabis world. If you're a fan, check it out.

It takes a lot to uphold a reputation like the one RQS have, but they manage to. Not content to rest on their laurels, they continually develop new strains that are stronger, faster, and higher-yielding.

quick facts!
Are Royal Queen Seeds any good?

Yes, Royal Queen Seeds are considered to be one of the best and most versatile breeders in Europe. They have proven themselves with multiple award-winning strains, consistent and innovative breeding, and a push to educate about cannabis.

Awards Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds have developed a reputation for producing world-class genetics. As such, it is only fitting that their cannabis strains have won various awards over the years. To help you check out some of the best they have to offer, we have put together a list of their award winners.

Packaging Royal Queen Seeds

Packaging Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds offers both feminized and regular cannabis seeds.

The packaging design for RQS feminized seeds combines streamlined style with optimal protection. Each seed is individually housed within a secure plastic blister pack, which is then surrounded by a sealed cardboard exterior. As the seeds are contained in a blister pack, each seed can be removed individually, allowing any remaining seeds to stay safe in their packaging until you are ready to use them. Feminized seeds are offered in quantities of 1, 3, 5, or 10 seeds.

Regular seeds are packed in a similar blister pack, with all the seeds contained in one single compartment. Regular seeds are offered in quantities of 10 or 25 seeds.

Where To Buy Royal Queen Seeds

If you're lucky enough to live in one of those places, you can get their products in-store. But for most of us, we'll have to stick to buying online. You can find a comprehensive range of RQS's best products here with us, Zamnesia.

Royal Queen Seeds: Questions & Answers

😎 Who are Royal Queen Seeds?
Royal Queen Seeds is a top European cannabis breeder and seedbank known for its impressive cannabis genetics, thorough and informative content, and conscientious activism in both cannabis education and sustainable practices.
🌍 Where is Royal Queen Seeds based?
Royal Queen Seeds was first formed in the Netherlands, but moved its headquarters to Spain, just outside Barcelona. They also have physical retail stores across Europe, including places like Amsterdam and Barcelona.
🏆 Are Royal Queen Seeds any good?
Yes, Royal Queen Seeds are considered to be one of the best and most versatile breeders in Europe. They have proven themselves with multiple award-winning strains, consistent and innovative breeding, and a push to educate about cannabis.
💶 Where to buy Royal Queen Seeds
If you're lucky enough to be in Amsterdam, Marbella or Barcelona, pop into one of their shops and get them there. You can also find their entire catalogue available to buy here at Zamnesia, with discreet shipping directly to your door.