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For a seed company focused on highlighting undersung cannabinoids, look no further than Fenocan. Based in Switzerland, Fenocan specialises in developing high-quality seeds using their SMART (Selection with Markers Advanced Reproductive Technologies) system—a process that allows them to achieve the full potential of a chosen strain. The result is a cultivar boasting high concentrations of cannabinoids, large yields, and an easy growing experience.

Through their unique range of strains, Fenocan gives users unprecedented access to cannabinoids such as CBD and CBG while minimising the amount of THC present (with levels often at <1%). This allows users to smoke or vape without any risk of psychotropic effects.

Available in a wide variety of quality strains, Fenocan seeds are ready to purchase right now. Take a look through their range to find the strain that's right for you.

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Fenoqueen FQ-1 CBD (Fenocan) feminized

No strangers to high-quality CBD strains, the team at Fenocan has carefully designed a strain combining two of their most popular varieties. However, Fenoqueen doesn't rest on any laurels, instead offering a flawless growing experience culminating in a hearty yield of CBD-rich buds. There's plenty to like about this strain, and it's sure to be on every cannabidiol enthusiast's radar.

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Fenojoy FJ-1 CBD (Fenocan) feminized

Fenojoy FJ-1 is a CBD-rich strain with a focus on easy growth, nice yields, and fresh flavours. There's very little required in the way of maintenance with this strain, and thanks to a short flowering phase, you'll be enjoying these CBD-infused buds in next to no time. There's certainly plenty to shout about with Fenojoy.

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Fenomed FM-1 CBD (Fenocan) feminized

From the team at Fenocan comes a pure CBD powerhouse. Featuring exceptionally high levels of cannabidiol, Fenomed is a perfect strain for those looking to reap the full benefits of CBD. An effortless growing experience, Fenomed is easy to maintain and provides some hearty yields that will keep your stash jars filled with premium CBD weed for plenty of time to come.

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Fenoswiss FS-1 CBD (Fenocan) feminized

Fenoswiss FS-1 is a strain aimed at those seeking an easygoing growing experience with some great returns. Whether you're new to the task or an experienced hand, there is truly something for all with Fenoswiss. She's a no-fuss plant with flavourful, CBD-rich buds that will impress anyone lucky enough to sample them.

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Fenomax FX-1 CBD (Fenocan) feminized

Fenomax FX-1 from Fenocan is a CBD-focused strain that also offers great flavours and aromas. Not only perfect for smoking or vaping, she also lends herself to extraction and edibles. The possibilities are endless with this all-rounder. She's easy to cultivate and high yielding, and is bound to impress from seed to smoke.

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Fenocheese FC-1 CBD (Fenocan) feminized

Fenocheese FC-1 is a CBD and terpene-rich strain that provides an ample haul of fruity-sweet buds. At home in both indoor and outdoor settings, the options for getting Fenocheese FC-1 to flourish are pretty limitless. Best of all, she'll deliver her CBD-laden buds in just 7–8 weeks of bloom.

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Fenopure FP-1 CBG (Fenocan) feminized

Based in Switzerland and known for their specialised feminized cannabis strains, Fenocan has produced a CBG powerhouse in the form of Fenopure FP-1. This species harnesses all the potential benefits of CBG, but is also easy to cultivate. A little TLC is needed to get the best out of her, but your work will be well-rewarded.

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Fenomoon FO-1 CBD (Fenocan) feminized

It can sometimes be tricky to find a CBD-focused strain that really delivers on flavour, aroma, and potency. Thankfully, Fenomoon FO-1 excels in all of these areas and more. She provides an easy-going growing experience and showcases beautiful, compact buds accentuated by orange stigmas. Delivering on taste and yields, there's no better time to check out the phenomenon that is Fenomoon.

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