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The House of the Great Gardener is an established seed company that prides itself on a simple, but very effective philosophy: to provide seeds that work!

The House of the Great Gardener has worked together with compassion clubs for over a decade, gathering the very best medicinal cannabis strains, which are selected and bred according to the patient’s needs.

The House of the Great Gardener knows that their customers deserve only the best of the best. This is why quality control plays a big role in their expert breeding sessions. Their range of cannabis strains includes some of the most well-known varieties, which they're constantly improving, in addition to their very own line of genetics.

Their famous GG1 is a pure medicinal indica that's ideal for those suffering from pain. The strain doesn’t just shine because of her therapeutic properties, but is also known for her smooth and smoky flavour, and the fact that she is very easy to grow.

Another one of their creations is the excellent Barbara Bud, a fast-flowering cross of a Shishkaberry and Afghani. This multi-award-winning strain stands out with her extreme trichome production and a superb fruity fragrance, making her ideal for extract and hash production.

The team at The House of the Great Gardener is always experimenting with new combinations on their journey to offer the finest seeds that you can get today!

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Barbara Bud (House Of The Great Gardener) feminized

Barbara Bud cures to have a crisp candy like coating of trichomes that make them perfect for extract making aficionados. Multi award winning extractions have proven several times over the power of this strain. Easy to grow indoors or outdoors Barbara Bud is a bigtime producer of great looking cannabis.

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CBD René (House Of The Great Gardener) feminized

The original René is already highly popular in Canadian dispensaries where she is a favourite of medicinal users for her therapeutic value, her soothing indica effect and her great aroma. It just makes sense that House Of The Great Gardener is now presenting us their award-winning CBD-rich variant of this popular strain, giving medicinal and recreational fans of this Lady even more choices!

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Information about House of the Great Gardener

Information About House Of The Great Gardener

Not only do they work with some of the highest quality genetics around that are fortunate enough to have come their way, The House of The Great Gardener are known to produce their own genetic lines, finding exciting and valuable new combinations throughout their journey. With a quality control policy that ensures a high ranking medicine to suit the needs of their customers and patients, and more than a decade of experience in identifying and breeding the most powerful medicinal strains, this team of perfectionists are sure to impress even the pickiest connoisseurs.

PACKAGING House of the Great Gardener

Packaging House of the Great Gardener

House of the Great Gardener provides a neat and simple packaging solution with a single folded sleeve containing all the information you need about your strain on the inside, including whether it is feminised, flowering time, variety and genetic origin. The seeds are stored in a rigid plastic vial for optimal preservation.

AWARDS House of the Great Gardener


Barbara Bud (House Of The Great Gardener)


  • 2014, Treating Yourself Expo, 1st place Solventless Extract
  • 2014, Legends of Hash. 3rd place
  • 2014, High Times Cannabis Cup, 3rd place Neder Hash Dry Sift
  • 2014, Dab-A-Doo Amsterdam, 2nd place
  • 2014, Karma Cup Toronto, 2nd place
  • 2015, Dab-A-Doo Barcelona, 2nd place Non-solvent
  • 2015, Expogrow Irun, 2nd place Resin
  • 2015, Dab-A-Doo Amsterdam, 2nd Non-Solvent
  • 2016, Dab-A-Doo Barcelona, 3rd place Rosin
  • 2016, Legends Barcelona, 3rd place Dry Sift
  • 2016, Elite Cup Barcelona (We Flowers), 2nd place Non-Solvent
  • 2016, Elite Cup Barcelona (We Flowers), 2nd place Non-Solvent

A stunning cross between Shishkaberry and Afghani, Barbara Bud is hailed as a heavyweight champion. Not only is she a fast flowering and hardy plant that works well in many environments. Her fragrant and fruity buds become absolutely coated in sugary trichomes, making her ideal for producing some very potent hash.

Sativa/indica: sativa/ indica
Seed type: feminized and regular
Flowering time: 7 weeks

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